Site Problem or Blocked

Hello, has anybody heard of or had a problem getting on the site? I can go on the help section, and forums section of the site and sign in. When I go to try to play poker all I get is a blank white page with the different languages available on the left side. I have been in contact with the support and tried changing browsers. I have uninstalled Chrome and reinstalled it with the Replay extension. I have tried Firefox. I have cleared my cache and history. Nothing seems to help. It has done it to my girlfriends laptop also. I was able to use my phone to play for a day, but it has gone to the same blank white page with the languages. This has all happened a couple of days after they shut down for an update. Is this how you get blocked or is there something wrong with the site or some other problem. Please Help Me!!!


Working fine for me. Try including your region & maybe some1 else with the same problem will comment.

I understand you say the community forums works as well as the Help Center & login; what else works? Dashboard, replay hands? Maybe test at a friends house or work computer if able.

Strange prob… sorry i cant be of more help. Good Luck.

Hi, is it because you have Internet Explore as default browser?
When you go to the Help, log in to Replay and open the ring game table which appears as a white window, is it in Internet Explorer?

I am a long time I.E. user who has had to leave it behind and my laptop is still not changed over completely, causing things like this to happen occasionally.



Welcome, donald409240. Enjoy the Forums and good luck at the tables.

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Same white page problem. I installed the flash extension on a chrome browser with no luck. Everything else seems to work alright. It happened from one login to the next.

why do I keep getting sat out of hands . It has been happening for a week . Kept track of today 10 times had me sitting out. A lot of the time have winning hands.pissing me off . It has happen to me in big pots like a million . Guess time to move to a different site