Site Maintenance Notification

I was playing in a 500 chip Bankroll Builder when I was removed from the game due to site maintenance. I not only lost my 500 chips but also the potential chance to win the game, (8,000 chips+/-), not fun… as a minimum I should get my 500 chips back. Recommend you post on the poker lobby when maintenance will occur and block out the time slot.

Did you also report this to support? If not, I’ll refund your 500 chips. We’ve recently had to take the site down at short notice to roll out fixes and updates. In future we intend to notify players beforehand and only do this at scheduled times each week, so this sort of thing doesn’t happen. Also if the site has to be taken down at short notice in an emergency we’ll automatically cancel tournaments and refund player buy-ins where appropriate. If you’ve sent a message to support then we’ll refund your buy-in.

thanks Paul but no return yet?

Yeah just wanted to find out if you also reported it via the support message system on the site. Sometimes it can get a bit confusing when there are duplicates on here as well as the message system, and we can end up giving out refunds twice. But no problem, I’ve gone ahead and refunded you the 500 chips.