Site layout in restore mode

Thanks for letting us know about this, @Maya, and to everyone who reported similar experiences! We checked in with our tech team as to why this might be happening, and it’s because we’re working on updating the site to have a responsive layout so it looks better on mobile devices. This is going to be especially relevant when HTML 5 is released since you’ll be able to play from those types of devices.

It will likely remain this way at certain sizes while the team continues to work on it. I’ve asked for some details on what size your browser needs to be to view the site normally, but in the meantime, you can experiment by dragging the bottom corner and resizing it until it looks the way you’re used to, if you don’t want it at maximum size.

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@Comicguy - The things you mentioned shouldn’t be connected since the tables won’t be affected by these changes. Do you run into the same thing with other browsers? With Microsoft killing off the Edge browser, I’m wondering if there are more issues cropping up with that one.

@RavenL - The layouts at certain browser dimensions shouldn’t be affecting what games appear in the lobby, I don’t think. If you still notice some strange situations with the lobby in particular, could you please write to us at support? A screenshot would be helpful, as well as letting us know what game isn’t showing up there.

Same thing, @Whittaker – as you assumed, an error message after accepting a friend shouldn’t be related. If you could also shoot us a message at, we’d love to figure out what’s going on there. A screenshot or letting us know what the error is would help!

Only have this issue in Chrome Lobby. Not my other browser. I wait for my games & fine them on the dashboard .

It looks like your filter is listing by tournament name instead of by start time, which is what people tend to prefer. If you click over where it says “Start” instead (it’s grey, beneath your “All Buy-ins”), it should list your games by what’s coming up next, and you should see a more diverse range of options. :slight_smile: If that doesn’t do it for you, let me know and I can look into it further.

Thank you so much. I must have hit that by mistake. Perfect TY

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I found out it only happens from my gmail account link to “accept/reject friend request”. If I “accept/reject” from the Replay page it works fine. Looks like the issue is not with Replay.

This issue seems to have been resolved. The page is auto-resizing as it used to in the past without any problems.

I didn’t know they were getting rid of Edge. I know about Explorer and that’s why I don’t use it.

i thought edge replaced explorer.

Edge replaced Explorer. But it wasn’t a great success itself. So Microsoft is building a new browser to replace Edge. It will be similar to Chrome.

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Thank you very much Maya. Learned something.


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change to fire fox . chrome broke at replay. now no probs

maya, im having the same problem. how clever of you to realize it was a problem…I just said…hey they changed to format (I hate it) but sigh, suck it up, carol. Thats why I love you so…you don’t accept things laying down…I need a fighter in my world…thanks

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