Site layout in restore mode

Since yesterday, the display/layout of the site when my browser (chrome) is in restore mode has changed. Not all items are showing anymore and things are scrambled. It works fine when I maximize the browser, but when I restore it down, it scrambles again.

I haven’t changed any settings and everything is exactly as it was, and only Replay does that in restore mode. All other sites, including the forums, work just fine.

To explain what’s happening, here are screenshots of how the dashboard used to (should) look like in restore mode (left) and how it’s now showing (right):

And the friends request page, before (left) and now (right):

I’m having to zoom out in order to see the full page, but that is also zooming out on the table windows and reducing the size of everything else I have opened in Chrome.

Anyone else having this issue? Has there been any change on Replay side in layout or display that is creating this issue? Could it be anything from my side? Although I’m quite confident that it’s not since I’ve changed nothing and everything else is working fine.

Thank you

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I’ve noticed this on my mobile Chrome browser as well and thought it was just me.

I’ve also tried the Puffin mobile browser as well and both browsers appear the same as in the screenshots you provided @Maya.

On my Laptop the site displays normally in both the Chrome and Puffin browsers. This Is only affecting my mobile phone browsers.

Not sure what’s causing it but hope Staff can find out the cause soon.


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Thanks Marc. It’s happening on my laptop as well.

Have been playing both on laptop with chrome and iPad with puffin, and everything normal here Maya. If it was a site problem would think it would happen to a few more

Hi Kate :slight_smile:

Well I’m looking for help either way. If it’s not a site problem, what else could it be? And how to fix it from my side? Although as I said nothing has changed in my laptop or browser settings.

Are you sure you looked at the chrome browser in restore mode? If the window is maximized it works fine. The problem is there only when you restore the size of your browser to half the screen size.

It could still be a site problem that doesn’t affect all operating systems the same way. But anyway all help regarding how to resolve it would be greatly appreciated. @Pageaux ?

Tried maximum, hide, split screen, and all ok.

Maya, I checked it out and I have the same problem …

All was back ok when I clicked on the little screen upper right corner of the browser. (min/max screen)

Hope this helps smile

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Yes Tia thank you. That’s exactly my problem.

I have the same problem too.

I tried this, when my screen was like this

I manually widen it a little bit and got this


My problem is solved smile

I hope this solution helps you too.

Hey Tia,
Yes it works when you widen the size, I tried that too. But that doesn’t solve the problem, because I need it to be smaller like I’ve always used it, in order to put 2 windows next to each other when playing. If I widen it, the other window wouldn’t fit anymore.

This issue is recent. It wasn’t there before. No matter how small I used to resize the window, the whole display auto-adjusted and appeared exactly the same way. This problem is new.

I’m guessing, but since I’ve been having problems for a while, & a lot more in last 10 days, that it might have something to do with HTML5, They (according to debugging) are having conflicts some say HTTP some say HTTPS and some say HTML5, and it has effected my play to the point that I don’t play half as many games as I did 10 days ago, and even less last 3 days, I now play less then 20% of what I did 10 days ago. If you hit the F12 button on the page you’ll see developer tools slides up, and you will see on bottom left corner theseF12 you can click on them if they all have “0” then everything is smooth & tight, if they have any numbers like in this snip, then there are problems, you can scroll thru them and click on things that highlight “DOM****” or “SEC****” and it will open up a pages that tell you what the conflicts are, most mine say the domain needs to do or support something. :unamused::confused:

P.S. If anyone knows much about developer tools, please post some info on it, I am not seeing that I can mess anything up in F12 unless I change it in my computer settings, Is it 100% safe to play around it there? Are there things to avoid doing?
I feel comfortable clicking on almost everything to see what it says, but very hesitant to change computer settings. Thanks in advance for any info!.

I’m guessing Replay changed something with the header. For a permanent fix they will have to make an update to the site code.

Here are a couple of workarounds that I found.

Option 1
Hit ctrl and - (the minus key) a couple of times. This will zoom out. Everything will be smaller but at least the header fits.

Option 2
Delete the header using the developer tools.

To do this (these instructions for Chrome):

  • Right-click on the header and choose Inspect
  • Click on the line that says ‘header class=“navbar-fixed-top”’
  • Press the delete key
  • Click the X in the top right to close the developer tools
  • The header will come back when you reload the page or move to a different page within Replay

Once you delete, the page will look like this:

I can"t find freeroll

I don’t think the change was just in the header though.
For example, looking at a profile page (let’s take yours for instance), this how it should show:

And this is how it’s showing now:

Could be the header dragging the whole page but there’s something with the page width as well apparently.

Getting some weird screens and other bugs as well, like cards not showing up but the audio is present. Also I keep getting notices that Flash was blocked and I have to give permission to run it. Other times I get messages to enable Flash, even though Flash is auto-updated in my browser (Edge).

OK, I see the same width issue as you Maya. It’s not just the header. It appears that the page goes into a design intended for mobile/tablet devices once the screen width gets below 992 pixels, but that design is looking broken - the information is not laid out well and doesn’t always fit on the screen.

The best workaround I can suggest is zooming out. Maybe someone from Replay can comment on what’s changed.

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Lobby strange on chrome. My game not listed bu found it on dashboard. Listing several same games & odd times in lobby

Probably not related but when I try to accept friend requests I get an error message. Also Chrome but its been going on for awhile.