Site freezing regularly

Everything is fine. Your computer is the problem.
Google Cloud isn’t working
We fixed it.
Oh wait it’s not really fixed.
We found the problem.
Everything is fine. Your computer is the problem.
We fixed it
Clear your cache
It’s not really fixed
Everything is fine. Your computer is the problem.
Now it’s Google PubSub
Google fixed it
We have a fix
Everything is fine. Your computer is the problem.
The fix is going in soon
Oh wait the fix doesn’t work we’re delaying the release
Everything is fine. Your computer is the problem.

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they are working on a transition from google to their own system, hopefully that should fix it

they nearly updated it the 23rd, but suspended it

You think ?

yes, i got a little faith, you?

I’m always the optimist!

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Can be it helps and the “dips” are then fixed. But not the daily slow buttons, folding bets, kicking players from seat, chatproblems of some players on table,… This is another problem and it looks like it does not exist and no one works on it. And no statement to it. No hope.

But I’m also a realist and things aren’t looking to good. It’s been months and months.

Just don’t play between about 12pm-7pm EST and you’ll mostly be fine. No matter how many times I tell Replay this important clue they’re dismissive and smug about it. What they call a “dip” is a total gameplay failure, and may or may not be related to the persistent slowness that lasts for hours each day.


i think its all a form of lag (the connection to google being the culprit)

like unskilled say’s;
“Just don’t play between about 12pm-7pm EST and you’ll mostly be fine”

its mostly fine and then breaks (seemingly unrelated to actual players on the site), its not 24/7

The bottom line is , it’s an ongoing problem that needs to be fixed. I’m a patient person so I just don’t play until it’s all clear.

(the connection to google being the culprit)

I’ve said this before, I very much doubt Google has any culpability for what’s been happening. Rare, brief outages can happen. But remember their cloud services also used by Google search and gmail. Sustained outages without any official notices being posted doesn’t happen in reality ( This can fool people who don’t work in technology, but anyone who works in this industry has a red flag raised in their mind when a company tries to blame a months long problem on something as reliable and stable as Google Cloud Services.

If this really was a Google Cloud issue the forum posts made by staff would come with a link to the notification on Google’s status dashboard. When it doesn’t, you know they’re probably bending the truth in some way.

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That was a well thought out rational response.

3 weeks ago I played near 24/7 on Veterans Day Ring Challenge, lol, and I know what goes on around the clock. The slowplay was a part of my strategy, I slept in this time.
End of August I played near 24/7 too, lol, Stud Carnival, and I saw all the many freezes around the clock.
On August 13 I played on a friends-table Hold’em Ringgames, had one eye on Royal Rumble and saw there Sue 10 hours sitting on a frozen table. Rings had no problems, we played, chat no problem, on frozen MTT tables too, Lobby ok, Forum ok, messages ok, Site to reach,… But all MTTs was frozen, and new didn’t start.
Nice idea to say Google is behind this problem, server to slow or not to reach.

indeed august was terrible 24/7, might have missed the trouble 3weekss ago? the last month ive maybe misssed 1 day, mostly only played between 8pm - 23pm ET, at 8pm its pretty much always laggy and a table might freeze, i dont see this after that tournament

i dont see any benefit for them but who knows?

in the end, im just hoping they get the update right and it does fix all the problems

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It’s a Replay problem.

How are we supposed to play a game if 1) the game does not show in the list because only the 1st 20 show, 2) the game is still locked when it does show up, (That is after having suffered a list of games displayed in a ridiculous sequence) 3) if you are able to select the game the Registration window is locked?

Just played a sit n go and the game was lagging terribly and sitting us out we went all in just to get it over with. Every day same thing.


seems they are too busy with MISSIONS lol



I’ve noticed the last week or so, I’m only able to review only a few hand replays. After reviewing a few replays, a message pops up and I’m unable to continue unless I clear my computer’s History cache.

This was a problem started (I think) when the lagging and freezing started 4 months ago. I had mentioned this before and it seemed to be corrected but now it has returned.

Can you pass this on to someone?

After all, this is one of the best features of Replay.

Thank you.