Site freezing regularly

I haven’t noticed a major disruption in some time, though there has been constant action delay in the afternoons (in Eastern Time) and returns to normal sometime in the evening. It’s been like this every day for at least a week now.

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Total BS.
Ring Games, SNG’s, and Free Tournm’s…tried them ALL.
Lost serious chips today because of this.
Replay has Fixed…NOTHING.

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That’s what others are saying also. Thank you Brother :+1:t2:

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The last 2 days it changed a little bit. Players had at ca. 11:00 pm eastern delays and freezes, must sit out because this, the other players, same table and time, had no problems, normal playing.
The delays in the time 3:00 – 5:00 pm and longer was on all days too.
2 weeks happened now nothing. A new Statement would be good.


Big crash today ca. 10:30 am eastern. Long delays, freezes, it folded me, folded my payed bets too, sat me out, kicked me from seat at one table. The names of the most players at the 3 tables where I played was Player 1 – Player X, their picture the Replay-King. Chat didn’t work too. On end all tables showed only this:


I think the connection to the Replay-Server was broken for a moment. I must load all tables new and leaved then.
90 minutes later the lobby showed me wrong players at the tables, was much behind real time. Refreshing the lobby didn’t help.
On all other days the tables had delays too, it folded players. Nothing is better, it gets more and more bad. Other new threads because the problems today are on forum now too.

I wish much luck and nice playing at the Elite-Promotions next month.


Sorry to hear that. I thought all was good again because of all these chip sales all week . This is not good news…


Today I got a mail from Replay. Replay wrote: “All is fixed now, thank you very much for your patience, and players who had problems got refunds”. (Sorry, I got it only in German language.)

My statement to this:
A half hour before getting this mail I played short time on a table, and had the delays there. The last 3 days friends on my tables wrote to chat the delays folded them hands or kicked them from seat. I think the last fixes was not long time tested.

One hour after getting this mail I played on next table and had the delays again. The hands/hour on lobby was much down. 3 players played on a 6 seat table, speed was on only 31 hands/hour, over long time. Slowplay. It looked like players (not only one) standing up in mid of a hand and went away from computer, their time went down and the app folded them then. The next many hands they was then sitting out.

I lost chips because the freezes and delays the last many weeks too, but Replay gives no refunds for playing on Ringgames.