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As an avid sitngo player for several years i would like to propose that a tourney point list be added to all the games. I would like feed back also from players who play the leader boards on sitngos or at least know about them. I think there should be a list on each game, either in the game lobby or an icon saying tourney points, to click on to see the list, maybe where u register for the game and the 1st/best20 leaderboard icons are and monthly leader board icon is. I think all players should know in advance of a game the exact amount of points they will earn for whichever stake or buy in amount they are playing. too many time we have to calculate in our heads which buy in game to play and what place we need to get in the game to pass a certain player in a certain place. This really would come in handy towards the end of the week on a 1st / best 20 games and towards the end of each month so players know and can calculate seeing the list on what they need to do to finish 1st,2nd, 3rd etc I know we have the pie charts that show ur average and games played but it is not enough to calculate what u still need to make as far as points to get to where u wanna be or finish. it gives u the chance at a table during a game to know what place u need to get because u know u need a certain amount of points to reach your goals.It needs to be added to low,medium,and high stakes. Also all the different buy in games in each stake and 6 seat games vs 9 seat game because the more seats on a table and higher the buy in then the higher the tourney points that pay out. One example is on a high stake 6 seat 100k game 1st place pays a little over 14k points where as a 500k 9 seat game, that right there is a 6k difference in points. We have no where to go and see the points we get excep for the fast pop up window after u have finished a game. So a list showing the tourney points for the 6 seat and 9 seat placings. I think most players playing the leader boards of all stakes and buy ins for sitngos would love to have and utilize it for reaching their goals on the board and where and what they need to do to finish a certain place on the board, Right now we have to guess and calculate it not knowing all the different points awarded for all the different tables and games. I think it should be in the lobby of each game or by clicking an icon named tourney points in the window where u register. Any feed back on this or how we could get this added, Thx

Hi, this looks like it could be an idea and we might be able to find a place to publish a list of the standard tournament point wins for SnG. It might be in this thread or elsewhere. I will make some enquiries.

The two you ask about are:
100k 6 max (Pegasus) -1st - 14,697, 2nd - 10,393, 3rd - 8,486, 4th - 7,349, 5th - 6,573, 6th - 6,000
500,000 SnG 6-max. -1st - 16,410, 2nd - 11,603, 3rd - 9,474, 4th - 8,205, 5th - 7,339, 6th - 6,699

At the risk of stating the obvious, SnG have the same number of tournament points each time for each position with the same stake and number of players, whereas multi table tournaments have different numbers of players, so calculating tournament points will be less easy for any which have different numbers of entrants therefore we cannot do this for MTT.


This is a great idea , would be nice to see the amount of points given for each place either in the lobby of each level or somewhere on the Leaderboard page where it gives the description of what buy in amounts qualify for each board,If they are just posted in this thread they will get lost and harder for players to find.

Fun Fact of the day:

4th place awards exactly half of 1st place and 9th place will award one third of 1st place, due to the square root part of the calculation.


thx Rob, i was giving those 2 as examples to show how a larger buy in has more points, and i mentioned 9 seats for the 500k, anyway it would be nice to implement a list that is easily accessable to all players for all stakes,all buy ins, and for both 9 and 6 seat tables, so basically for all sitngo games so we could click on an icon in promotion/register window or in the lobby as those two are more accessable in seeing before the game your points u will receive for each separate game because all games are different. its mainly to use for tracking what points u need and which buy ins to play to compete against other players on the leader board regardless of how many games u have played. as u probably know, at the end of the week and end of the month it can make or break u on a top placing if u dont know what buy in and how many seat table, and what place u need to finish in those games in order to pass some one. I have most of points memorized in my head but not all, but i think most players dont want to have to do that and probably arent, but would love to know before the game starts and not the window popping up after the game how many u won. thx again Rob

I didn’t know that , helpful information though… but as most know I like lists :grinning: and if I could just click on a list somewhere that would be great,

Well not exactly Rob but close enough lol. As u listed above on the 100k 6 max 1st place rewards an an odd number so 4th place is rounded up 1 point more than half of 1st place :slight_smile: but u are right on places awarded even number points. See this is why we need the list too:)

I had the tables memorized, well rounded to the nearest 1,000 on the 50k and 25k tables on mefium just because i played them for years. Now i moved to high stakes and havnt memorized them yet, i played mostly 100ks and got a bit over 14,000 points for 1st place, then i played a 500k for the 1st time and won and saw that i got a bit over 20,000 points. had i known the big 6k a game difference i woulda played 500ks more and my placings on the leader board last month might have been 1st place instead of my 3rd place for the month because my average per game would have probably moved up tp 1,000 or more a game playing those, 1,000 times 60 games is 60k more points which woulda got me 1st place for the month, not 3rd. Anyway this is just another example of why we need it and why and how all players could use it playing the leader boards. I titled the topic Sit n Gos cause i knew it would me a nightmare trying to get it done for MTT with so many different amounts of players playing so many different games and number of players changing every game, but sit n gos is cut and dry straight forward and the same each game.

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I understand the comments of the posters. A table (as discussed) could be easily cross referenced at the end of the month so that a player who is watching the leaderboard would then know how they need to finish in their final SnG’s of the month to advance up the leaderboard. I have already made such a table for myself for the type of tables on which I normally play. I simply made a note of the tournament points I received when I went out of the SnG. It didn’t take long before I had all the tournament’s points for 1st thru 6th (or 1st thru 9th) for the buy-in’s that I normally play.

We’re going to see about adding a table to our Help Center for reference. I’ll link it here once we set it up – likely next week. :slight_smile:


For those of you who can’t wait, it takes about 5 minutes to make a sheet with all the points using the posted formula and a scientific calculator. I did this when I started here and just kept an index card with the places and points for each buy in.

Here is the formula: (1,000 × (√Runners)/√(Finishing Position))×(1+log(Buy-in))

Here is a link to a scientific calculator:

Just enter the formula and input the variables 'Runners", ‘Finishing position’ and ‘Buy-in’ and you have your answers. Easiest to do 1 buy-in at a time for each type of game (6 or 9 player). Just change the finishing positions from 1st to 9th and you have your list. Once you enter the formula all you are doing is changing 1 number and recording the results.

Actually, it took me longer to post this than to just post the answers so here they are for the 100K games:

1) 100K 9-player
1st: 18,000
2nd: 12,728
3rd: 10,392
4th: 9,000
5th: 8,050
6th: 7,348
7th: 6,803
8th: 6,364
9th: 6,000

2) 100K 6-player
1st: 14,697
2nd: 10,392
3rd: 8,485
4th: 7,348
5th: 6,573
6th: 6,000

It would take too much space to post the points for every buy-in and position here but I hope everyone can make use of the calculator and do their own charts until the site posts them itself.

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Thx warlock, A list in the forum wont help tho, players need accessibility but they can hopefully just place 6 or 9 lines in each games lobby or registration/leaderboard link so u just see each game u play what they are. I know they are working on it and appreciate them expediting this so fast, thx to all that are involved in making this happen.

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Quite right as that would be much more convenient for everyone. Maybe they can also have a utility so people can calculate the points for MTT’s once late registration has closed? Would be nice for people playing those leaderboards to have a way to see how high they need to finish in order to get X-points.

@fizzymint - Is this something you’d consider adding while you are doing the SnG tables?

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I thought about that too warlock which would be great for MTT leaderboard players but thought it would be too hard because every game has a different amount of players so every game the points change, but good point and thought as far as calculating at close of registration. Scroll up and see chasetherivers take on what he said about adding it to MTT, i thought the same as he did before he made the comment on it, but who knows, u have a good idea warlock to look into.

Face-palm moment. I didn’t see that post. Oops. Sorry for the redundancy.

As to the MTT-thing, just a utility on the promotions page that people can go to and input final # of players and buy-in. Let the program spit out the point-values for each place. Leaderboard players could then know where they need to finish in the specific game they are playing. No need to guess or open a calculator while playing or even understand how the formula is calculated - just enter 2 numbers and you’re done.

ADDED: Actually, since this utility could only yield results once registration has closed, they could create a function that doesn’t require and inputs from the user. Once the MTT moves to “running” status, just add a clickable symbol for points. At the same time the program is determining final payouts it can pull the data for points. Since not everyone will care and listing the points would take up too much space, make it a pop-up thing for people who want to check. It would open a page similar to what the tournament lobby looks like but only populated with the points calculations.

The same thing could be done for SnG’s. Have a button under the one for Lobby that says “Points”. A player can hit the button and the points by place for that game would come up for easy reference. This way you could pull up that info from both the promotions page or directly from the table while playing. Both places would have hot-keys directing to the same static-data and open the proper pop-up window for the game desired/playing.

Warlock keep in mind that the set up for all of the monthly leader boards in MTT is completely different than that of sitngos. In sitngos u play your 120,90,60 low.medium,high games with the tourney points adding up to those games, after those games if u play more ur average per game and points per game can go up or dow because it averages all ur games u played. MTT is a whole other breed. In all of them, low,medium, and high for monthly leader board u play ur 30 games for all stakes and ur points add up for ur 30 games, after 30 games it doesnt take ur average of all games played, it calculates ur best 30 games played as far as points, so in essence monthly MTT leader boards at 30 + games are played exactly like best 20 weekly games on sitngos. So its much different taking ur average of all games played over the max games for the month in sitngos as opposed to taking ur best 30 games played over the 30 games, mainly because for example if ur 31st game u play u get 1st place then that 1st place points replaces a 9th place game for example that u got. Si it gets a bit more hairy when posting tourney points that way if u understand what im saying.

I got you. All I was thinking was providing the raw points so the players could access them if they wanted to. How they use that information is up to them. Just figured that if the site could add the feature for SnG’s, it would be a piece of cake to add the same thing for MTT’s. IMO, the leaderboards for the SnG’s are far better than for the MTT’s in terms of structure. I think they better represent performance over enough games to fairly reflect the players’ achievements in any given month. I’m very glad they did away with the points-bubble as well for the SnG’s. The MTT boards need some work to catch up, again IMO.

I couldnt agree with u more, the monthly leader boards of sitngos do reflect the true skill where the highest average pints per game on all ur games is your placing for the month where as all MTT play as many games above the 30 as they can to replace their games they placed bad, so it is more structured for the player playing the most games has the advantage and better chance of getting 1st place for the month. Its the same as best 20 for the week in sitngos but 1st 20 for the week in sitngos reflect your true placing. many players finish 10th place for example on 1st 20 for the week and they get 1st or 2nd place on best 20 because they played so many more games than others. Only monthly sitngo leader boards show ur true skill compared to other players because of how it is structured. 1st 20 for the week does too but that is only 20 games unlike monthly playing 120,90, and 60 games for the 3 stakes. if u go back to the top of this thread u will see that chastheriver at the end of his post said that its not possible for MTT and gave the reason. However, ur ideas hopefully will be looked into furher by them and maybe it is possible somehow. Hopefully they will respond to ur posts for that.

Check out our new Help Center article on SnG point payouts right here.



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