Single-Item Survey

A suggestion has been made that each player’s profile should list his or her major wins in Replay Poker promotions (any and all–see list on Promotions page under Past Promotions). We’ll offer a yes or no survey response this time! I know I’d like to see what I’m up against when I meet a new player during a tournament, and maybe past wins is a great indicator of just how worried? nervous? careful? I should be!

  • Yes! I want the player’s profile page to tell me what this person has achieved here!
  • No! I don’t want to know about other players’ achievements in that manner.

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And while we’re having this little chat, why not tell us what you’ve won in the past, while we wait to see what the community would like?

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I won the title of “ Most Eligible Bachelor “ but I don’t think it was an official promotion. It’s in a thread somewhere :wink: