Simple, yet VERY important advice

Sorry but KK is another story all together - they are not called Ace Magnets for no reason. I cant tell you how many times (like 85% of the time) flop comes an Ace…thats bad news bears right there. and then if its here on replay…then there is always the replay river to contend with…replay river is a killer…I win 3/100 on the river…and lose well over 50% on that damn card here on replay. Never happens like that IRL. And they are always really bad beats with LOTS of chips in the pot. I try to never let it get there unless its a check through kind of thing…but KK scares me to death. Edit - position really matters with KK too…

Never happened to me because I see the value of good cards

I agree that you should never limp AA or KK (or most any good hand that you plan to play). You can’t expect others to bet your hand for you and you can’t let all players limp to see a free or cheap flop. When others call your raise and then play on the flop, you need to tread carefully since your one pair hand has shrunk in value. The experience you discuss was painful, but it definitely taught you a valuable lesson. I can see how you would think he had a Q. A smaller reraise would have told you what you needed to know.


Well, the guy did not really play 72, he was on the big blind and I let him see the flop.

You are absolutely right. I shouldn’t have gotten greedy, hoping that someone would shove. And yes, it was a valuable lesson, I haven’t done it again since that day.

No rules without exceptions.

The exception in this case is when you are first to act in the SB and you have a very short stack ( ca 10BB ).

The reason is that you want to see a flop a lot of times when you are HU against the Big Blind since you get such a good price.

And if you only limp with the worst hands in your range but go all-in with your best the BB can raise you when you limp knowing that you are weak. And he can also easily fold a lot of his range when you push.

The solution is to limp with your strongest pairs since they both flop well and also can snapcall if the BB goes all-in. It’s a combination of trapping and balancing your range.

The pic below is from a solvers GTO-solution for play in the SB at 10bb:


The same picture happened to me many times live tables and tournaments, thinking greedy and limping with AA and KK only to face funny perfect flops to an opponent who is calling everything with nothing hands only to catch the flush or full boats. So have I learned a lesson? Some times yes and sometimes no :slight_smile: I’m more aware of the players now than ever; however, I’m paying more attention to their tactics and body language, so forth, and so on. The bottom line is don’t limp, go all in from getgo, and don’t give any chances to fishers.


position is so important in this situation … AND pay attention to the chip leader!!


J’ai appris avec le temps qu’une paire AA pouvait perdre souvent, alors quand j’ai cette magnifique main, je fais all in :slight_smile:

A mistake that many players make, including me, and it has happened to me several times trying to get and look for more chips with AA and KK, which has brought me great chip losses and early exits from tournaments, but it is not all bad. , have also fallen. those cards in another player when they let me play cheap that’s poker the best decision is to go all in preflop

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I 3bet all in preflop with KK fairly early in a tourney last night which is rare for me. I had a good stack, the player that called with JJ had a bit more. After that hand, I went to bed, lol. It’s poker :thinking:


I generally go all in on AA,and when called,win half the time,but when I limp I usually get trapped and lose more.

Yep late in tourney, with low stack with KK. min raise to lose to a 67 straight, and tarried off to bed. Was fun as always :slight_smile:

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Although in poker nothing is set in stone, I will have to agree with you that open-limping or limping behind with these two hands is not good at all.

You mention a high buy-in event, but there are no few times that I’ve seen this even at the microstakes. To be honest, once in awhile I try to play tricky poker with AA and lot of times I just got sucked out. Microstakes isn’t the level that you ever want to play passively or tricky AA or KK, particularly AA. Of course in your case the other guy got brutally lucky, but that was the price you paid for your mistake. My advice is to raise, re-raise and put as much money as you can in the middle with AA.


For the love of something please fold Ace high it would make the games/tournaments much more competitive

Why do I want to win this pot? Maybe it would be better for me and for others if I lost it. Mayby gladly wanting others to win would bring me and them closer to happiness. This is the opposite thought to the almost hateful desire to win that I often get caught up in, or the desire for someone else to lose. Strangely I win more the first way.

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Replay is the best place to be when
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