Sick Cooler

very sick cooler earlier today i encountered, post a sick cooler that has hit you! That was pretty horrible. I was sort of on tilt at the time but even so horrible turn and river…

Oh COME ON what are you doing to me replay?!

I’ve been getting killed lately by set over set and flush over flush. Like an insanely unlikely amount of the time. It’s a cooler fest at the high stakes

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That, I never see, lol. Nice.
Would be great see a K…
It was like a cold deck.

This one time, my blah blah blah got beaten by a yadda yadda yadda.

Man, that really sucked.

That is a little bit eerie. Maybe I haven’t been in the old 5/10 ring in too long, but calling a 30x raise with K4o and then going for stacks with a gutshot just doesn’t make a lot of sense. And yet somehow the player has a 5x buy-in stack. I’d almost guess it was cheating, but who would cheat at such low stakes?

I dunno Joe. The guy’s been here, what, 21 months or more and has like 110K in the bank. If he logged in, collected the daily bonus, and didn’t play at all, he would have close to 1.6 million.

If he’s cheating, he’s not very good at it.

To be generous, I would say he obviously isn’t playing well, but he was running good that day.

To say he isn’t playing well is an understatement. I guess he’s one of those loose players who gets lucky and doubles up a couple of times before going broke.

Am i betting too small pre-flop???