I give credit to my older brother (an April Fool’s Day baby) for making me better than I might otherwise have been. He was so talented, so far ahead of me on every scale, that I scrambled just to keep up let alone catch up. My career achievements were all through dint of hard work, his through dint of superior genetics.

Do you have a sibling who gets credit for some of your greatness?

(P.S. #1: Note in my picture above, age three, how much I look like my avatar! Tip o’ the hat to Sharon Smarty for creating that for me–without ever having seen me.)

(P.S. I knit way better than my brother knits.)


I give my younger brother credit for making me a better fighter. He was always great at being a human punching bag.


:rofl: Oh, I got my verbal sparring skills from my brother, so I get that. Also got from him a lack of feedback about when my verbal sparring went just a little too far, cut too deep. He would never show pain (to me).