Shut down your site

shut down your site. there is a lack of randomness, the accounting is faulty and your ideas are simply bad. do yourselves a favor and shut down your site. at the very least ban me by MAC address… do you know how to do that?

Please do not do that there are alot of people that love to play cards on this site. I hope ostricide still plays here we like his chips!!

Hi Ostricide,

We’re confident in our RNG and that’s why we’re the only play money poker site to go through independent 3rd party audit and get certified as fair. See the link in the footer of ReplayPoker for our certificate.

Whilst we can’t ban by MAC address, a much simpler option is to just cancel your account. Go to your settings page and deactivate it there.

Best regards, Paul.

I like this site, and lot of nice people play on here,Seems

to me that O stricide is a sore loser

I like this site… lots of nice player, some are sore losers like Ostricide