Showing mucked hands

When you have to lay a hand down, can you do what pokerstars does and let you show the cards you’re folding?

As long as it’s heads up or there’s no more bets to be made of course, if you could make it so you click the card/s you want to show so they highlight and that’s what the table see’s when you fold.

Just had to laydown trips twice and I’d kill to show those folds considering what I saw when the winner showed!!


probably because it’s one of the hardest things to make big laydowns.
yes it’s a small tactical disadvantage to do so, but i’ll get it’s just fun to show that you made a very smart action.

Sooo…you wanna demonstrate you are a smart loser?

smart answer :stuck_out_tongue:

but what i said, i know it’s a disadvantage doing so, but when into such a situation i can understand the fact that you like to show what you have done.
same idea like when you have a royal flush, if you won with it it’s also better not showing it, but when you actually got one not many people would muck it.