Showing cards when replaying a hand

Hi: How would it be if during the replay of a hand all players’ hole cards were exposed, just like real life tournament play where there is a time delay.?

Yes I think its a great idea Most players wont go for it because they Bluff when you play long enough you know who does and who does not thanks for asking sammymorgan

What a fantastic potential teaching tool. This really is a good idea, but… It ought to be something that can only be seen 2 to 4 hours AFTER the hand is played or the tournament is finished or the ring table is closed. It wouldn’t do to have this info available DURING a tournament or ring game while the play was still ongoing. In other words, it would be wonderful for learning for the NEXT encounter, but of no value to the encounter currently taking place. Further, the hands should be “greyed out” when folded, just as we see our own folded cards during the hand. If those things can be arranged, I think this would be an absolutely wonderful addition to Replay’s arsenal of teaching tools. Ron (Alan25main)

Not in favour of this at all. With the exception of a handful of televised games, it does not normally happen in live tournament games so should not be available here… If you want to see your opponents cards CALL THE BET otherwise fold and forget the hand. It is giving away a players strategy for free and undermining player image. At a poker table information costs so giving it away to potential opponents for free is just wrong.


That’s why I suggest the delay. It can’t hurt the players that long after the game is over and can be a great source for teaching ourselves.

The answer is still no way and please don’t do it. Table image is important at a poker table and is part of the reason why opponents fold when faced with a bet. If you want to know why a player bet, you got 2 options, call or raise. You pay for information on how a player plays by calling. A time delay makes no difference. While you say the game is over so it cant hurt, this is information that can be used in the next game so it can hurt. You have gained this information for free so it’s unfair .
It would also be open to abuse. A player could register for the freeroll tourneys and play just one hand. This would give them access to study all the hands dealt, and how each player acted, at that table until they get blinded out. It would be simple to target a particular player with this unfair advantage.
It would also be a serious move away from the normal rules of poker where you pay to see.
There are many online tutorials out there and a small mountain of books if you are interested in improving your game. There is even a thread on here “favourite poker books” with a few good ideas.
Good Luck

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one should have the ability to see called hands, it’s a rule in poker

Yes, but the rule applies to called hands only. No other hands. No call = No see.

the key word is ‘called’ not in play

It is the players own decision to show his cards after a not called bet, and i not think it is a good idea to review all hands of all players with the hole cards open.

I’ve seen videos from finale tables of big tournaments (already played of course), there they showed the hole cards also.

In such cases it would be nice (only some already played special tournaments, and only from the finale table)

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I’d agree with you if real money was on the line, but this is a free site with free chips. Many players here are using the site as a tool to learn and improve. Watching hand histories can help players understand the mistakes they’re making in a much more direct way than reading a book. In the context of a learning environment, it doesn’t seem reasonable to say that a player must intentionally make bad calls to learn the right play.

I understand your concern that the tool could be misused to target and attack another player. At higher levels of play, this could place an undue burden on players to study their opponents’ histories, conceal their strategy, or choose options that misalign with their typical play. To prevent this, I’d recommend one or more of the following:

-Allow players to opt-out of hand disclosure
-Remove hand disclosure in tournament games
-Remove hand disclosure in high-stakes games
-Remove opponent names from hand histories

Right now… only last 10 hands of ring games only, are available on a players profile… I believe that even that can be abused and should NOT be shown. Replay alows annonomous spectators on tables as is if you want to watch a final table. Replay’d hands should also not be shown hole cards unless you are the participant, and then only your cards.

If you want info on others’s play… go play them, or be a spectator…

PS: players should have access to a dropdown list of spectators so ppl don’t get stalked or at very least… know whos watching them.

. I am not suggesting people intentionally make bad calls in order to learn but I do suggest players search out some of the online tutorials to improve their skill set. The most basic skill in poker is to correctly value your hole cards. If a player does not know the correct move then, by default, the correct move is to fold.
Not sure if you are aware of this but you can see any players latest 200 hands plus 10 best hands and 10 biggest pots not just last 10 ring game hands.


Oh you didn’t know or you disbelieve me… your best hand was #228130421…K high st flush clubs


I agree with your suggestion that players do their own research to improve play. Many players will improve greatly by learning why common strategies are effective and what information they should take from an interaction. I don’t think this detracts from the value of seeing full information in hand histories. In uncertain conditions, the correct move is not “fold” by default - it’s the option with the greatest EV among similarly-played hands. Seeing full histories is a great way for players to learn where they’re folding from an advantaged position.

This is a great discussion, and we’re keeping both sides in mind as we look to the future of our replayer.

Whenever we can, we try to default to legal poker rules, so one thing we’re considering is allowing those who were involved in the hand to see mucked cards on the replay, while those who didn’t participate would not be able to see them.

We welcome further feedback and ideas, as this is a ways out – before we make any changes to the replayer, we have to finish our move from Flash to HTML5. But wanted all of you to know this is definitely on our minds and our plates!

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Of course i want to see the mucked hand, and when the hand is done before the turn or river there are enough situations i really want to know what cards would be come on table.

But i wonder if it is good for the game when you can look back!

When you have the possibility to look back everthing and see the mucked hands, see if it had been better to call or if you did the right thing to fold would that not take away a lot of exitement of the game poker?

I not have to wonder any more if i should call to know it, i fold and look back the hand later!
Lot of exitement of the game will be gone!

And…when i muck i not want to show my hand, not that moment and not later!

Just my thoughts.


By paying the blinds or antes I have purchased my hand. Those cards are my property to use as I deem best. I can choose to bet with them (which is essentially charging a premium to view my property) or I can fold them which is denying access to my property. Either way I have made a decision on what I choose to do with my property and as the property owner my decision is final. Taking that decision away from me is a huge step away from a being poker game…

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To be clear, we wouldn’t show folded cards ever. This is just for mucked cards at the showdown, as anyone participating in the hand typically has the right to see those cards on request, per poker rules. But this is great feedback – please keep it coming! We’re taking it all into consideration.