Showdown percentage

Ok, so checking my statistics, I’m winning 75% of my showdowns. Is this good, bad, horrible? Can someone explain the math behind it?


i can’t explain the full math since i don’t know your other statistics.

i can say however that it seems you do well since you win the very most of your showdowns, which means you play tight enough to stay playing only your winning hands. unless the other 25% are almost all of the big pots you are doing well.

Do you mean % of hands won? Because 75% is impossibly high.

I think you mean % of hands won at showdown. This doesn’t mean that you win 75% of all showdowns, it means that of the pots you’ve won, 75% have been at showdown (as opposed to times you make your opponents fold). This number isn’t easy to interpret, but in my opinion 75% is too high and means that you are probably not betting enough for value and not bluffing enough. My own number is 45%, and I would guess that the optimal range is between 45 and 55 or even lower, but it also depends on what game type and stakes you are playing.


I was just going to say that :+1:

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Interesting. Mine is 36%… another big factor in what this looks like are the tables you choose to play. I prefer 6 handed to 9 handed which, I would think, may lead to more pots being won before showdown. Extreme example would be someone that only plays heads-up, they’d likely have a number very very low, whereas someone playing exclusively 9 handed would be more likely to see people at showdown given the higher number seeing the flop and having a chance to catch a piece.

Or maybe I’m thinking about this in the wrong way. Either way, interesting to see where others line up!


smart point.
i have just gave it a look at my own and indeed i see no statistic of showdown % won. but as u said i did have % of won pots with and without showdown. mine is 35% (65% without showdown)

as for the math behind, i can give a few examples to explain the point:
*it has a lot to do with how long you and your opponents wil hold on on a hand(passive/aggresive play): in general the more aggressive (betting and raising) you play, the less showdown you will see (which is a good thing most of the time). if you always hold on a hand that is good in the beginning, and don’t let it go when the power decreases too much (even with aces) then you will lose lots of chips.
*of course the same things count for your opponents. often only one of you is nessecary to see a lot of showdown since keep holding on often combines with lots of passive play (checking/calling) which is a bad thing in most cases.
*another good example is the stake in which you are playing. if you play (very) low then people love to call with all kinds of hands, which will result in a big showdown percentage no matter what you. but if you play higher stakes, people often know when to let go of a hand, which means it can only mean you would play too much hands and too long.
*right play is playing about 20% of your hands and fold the rest preflop. play what you play agressively. rarely bet ever more then the pot. most betsizes are about 65-70% of the pot. and if the board changes against your advantage, always reevaluate if your hand is still the winning hand, and don’t be afraid to fold if you won’t get the right odds to play. of course this is just the base play, but in the lower levels it still gives you a huge edge to your opponents. as long as you do this (assuming you didn’t do it already) it should lower your showdown %.
*long story short: if you and your opponent are able of playing aggressively but also able to let go at the right time, your showdown% should go down. if you or your opponent won’t, it goes up.

hope this helps. yiazmat.

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Im guessing mine is like 12-14% pots won, with a 70%-30% split (no showdown - @ showdown)

Yea, I read it wrong- I thought it was saying I was winning 75% of the showdowns I made it to. And was wondering how that would compare against an assumed pot odds number.

But the statistic just applies to hands won, so I don’t think you can draw much of a conclusion from that. Too many variables: stakes, tournament or not, tightness, etc. I would think in a low stakes game with lots of calls, you would want to press and not let people see the river.

Thanks for the replies.

Greetings Laser Guy & Family,

The more important question Laser. What has this percentage done for your Bankroll ?
This makes it easier as the question and answer are all rolled into one…
Here’s the Reader’s Digest version…
75 % is great number if your bankroll goes up
75% could be a horrible number if your bankroll is slipping downward steadily.
All showdowns will always vary consistently day in and day out. You could win 6 in a row during final showdowns, picking up anywhere from $500 to $1500 a pot. Then, at the end of the evening, all of a sudden out of nowhere, you’re involved in this huge all in pot with your winnings for the night involved in it, say $50,000 or so, and before the dust can settle on what looks like a sure winner… Some dimwitted numbskull hits a one straight outta the heavens to draw out on you and WHAM ! ! ! You’re busted and it looks like you’ll need some gas money now,to get home… Believe me brothers & sisters, I have felt the eternal burn of this pain myself… :scream:
…You’ve won 6 hands at showdown now and lost one at the end for the entire night… Your percentage has actually gone up now to .857% … So sometimes these increases in percentage can easily be misleading. Even though you’re busted now and wondering around the casino aimlessly looking for change in all the slot machine hoppers…
I’m sure you get the picture here about how easy it is to get led astray, away from what really needs to be the focus & direction of a happy & successful lifelong poker experience. Some of these issues simply can’t be resolved with misguided formulas that seem to be mis-applied and focused in the wrong direction, trying to answer all the wrong questions. Pretty sad don’t you think. :tired_face:
Although I do like looking at these stats myself from time to time. I attach very little importance to most of them… That is, unless I stumble across something I find very impressive about my play, and end up giving myself some good old fashioned self-esteem building pat’s of my back … At least till my arm starts to gives out…:sunglasses: