Showdown Finals schedule

So … the Showdown Finals lobbies appeared in the MTT tab this morning - but instead of being scheduled one every six hours as the promo page indicates, they are every four hours over a 12 hour period. With this kind of promo, there’s always one of the four I can’t play (I’m old, I need my sleep) but with this schedule, I will miss two. Programming error? Will this be fixed?

Interesting. I just noticed that a 5th Showdown Finals lobby has appeared, scheduled 4 hours after the last one. Does this mean there will be 6 Events, not 4? Time to win more tickets.

Never mind, nothing to see here, all is well - move along, move along. Heh. Whatever the glitch was, it has been corrected - there are now four Finals, six hours apart.

Thanks and cheers.

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