Show Stack sizes in BB

Hey, is there a Option to show stack sizes in BB instead of Chips?

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A player named Madhof was messing around with some code that I think might do what you want. Since this wasn’t a priority for me, I didn’t follow the thread that closely, but if I remember right, he linked the code and gave instructions on how to use it. Here’s the thread if you’re interested…

The Idea on Replay That Took My Nights


I forgot all about that and I posted on the thread. I wonder how that’s all coming along ? Can you put that on a thumb drive to convert without reloading the table I wonder ?


I published the final extension on this post, hopping it will help :

the stacks will be converted into blinds but you will not be able to bet in blinds (you will understand quickly :wink:)


Thank you for all your hard work :+1:t2:

Thanks @MADHOF, your hard work is much appreciated.

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