Show only 1 card

It would be cool to have the option to show only 1 card in NL holdem, rather than having to show either none or both.


I’m about to post that in a follow-up survey. You can mark it as something you’d like to see, and we’ll assess the level of interest in this option. Sounds fun!


Americas cardroom has this and also another site that even after you fold shows what you would have had. Most irritating.

Most players here agree in a showdown showing one card is the way to go. Watch the voting.

Someone steal your coffee! Just so option not to show right?

Please refer to the survey JanCee posted and cast your vote.

PokerStars has/had that option.

My favorite heads-up hand I ever saw was due to that. Phil Hellmuth vs. Annie Duke heads up at the WSOP Tournament of Champions.

Hellmuth has A-rag, Duke has A-9.
Flop comes A-9-X. Hellmuth bets and Duke raises big.
Hellmuth begins to talk to himself, whine, cuss, comment how he possibly couldn’t be outdrawn again, etc. As they say, he’s the only player who can bluff himself…

Anyway, he finally shows only the ace and folds.
Duke responds by showing only the nine.

Hellmuth never considers A-9 a possibility. Instead he begins screaming about being bluffed, how stupid that he couldn’t read it, etc., and basically has a nuclear meltdown that continues until he goes broke a few hands later.