Shouldn't this be a straight Jack to 2 or am I missing something here


Were you thinking of a backward straight–2-A-K-Q-J? I’ve never seen a straight calculated that way. Seems clear the better pair–Q-Q–beat the pair 2-2. Maybe some games are Dealer’s Choice that allow the Ace to swing both ways.

Hey asdav unfortunately there are no there are no straights there. The board ran J Q K 2 4 which is not a straight. Mwhite89 won the hand with the pair of queens and ace kicker.

A “wrap around straight” is a home game rule you see sometimes. Also called a “round the corner” straight, it’s not a standard poker hand. Another interesting variant is the “skip straight,” which would be like 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - Q. As long as everyone agrees, you can invent all kinds of wild rules for your home game!

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i don’t know about home game rules, but in official hold’em there indeed won’t exist straights that go in loops.

here another few things that might interest you to know:

  • the straight are always valued to the highest card in the straight. so 8910JQ, is a Q high str8. if someone also has the 6 and 7, it’s 678910JQ, but it’s still the same hand because it’s also a Q high str8 and always the best 5 cards apply.
  • there won’t be any loops so a 2 high str8 won’t exist, however an ace can be used as a 1, which makes an 5 high straight possible, so A2345 is valid, but it’s the lowest str8 possible. str8’s are the only reason you can use an ace as 1.

hope this helps.


Also known as a kangaroo straight…


Hahahahahaha. That was great !!! :slight_smile: