Should you look at anything you find in a hotdog?

I say no… The longer you look, the more apt you are to never eat a hotdog again. But the pesky, but cute robot said I have to create a topic to get to next level… :slight_smile: … Next weeks topic will be, should you ever pick a Pit-bull up by it’s teeth? If your answer is yes please post publically! …☼ ♫♪


Only if the Pit bull won’t let go…


sorry, I just don’t understand…

There’s no reason to ever make eye contact with a hot dog. You should also never imagine what you look like eating a hot dog. Just make sure nobody’s looking, cup it behind your hand to hide it, then down it in like 3 or 4 bites without looking.

And yes, lifting pit-bulls by their teeth is fine. There’s no way to carry one of those that doesn’t involve teeth. Get a chunk of good rope and tie the ends in a knot. Give the knot to the dog and you will have a nice handle you can use to carry him around like luggage.

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Nice to see that discussion-thread necromancy is not just something that happens at other forums.

And this topic gives me a chance to see if any of you can help me out with a similar problem, namely how to prepare wild corndogs:


You have to read the title, then move into the 1st sentence & continue. I was my very first post on this forum…

okie dokie, cause when I think of a hot dog, I think of a hot dog or a hot dog or human hot dog! LOL

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