Should We Start a New Version of Poker at Replay?

Seems a Game with 1 Card to the Player and 1 or 2 to the Board would be interesting for a Start. Just a thought.
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Perhaps we should start with 7 card stud as planned by Replay at the beginning of the New Year.

Then you are only limited to your imagination :wink:


When I said a new version I meant a Brand new Version of Poker. I used to play 7 card stud that We called - 7 toed Pete or Down-the -river before Hold-em took over. Was Hoping this Site might create the next “New Hold-em”. Neighbors played a Game that after final betting one last card is flipped over and then the winner is decided… Again just a thought.—

About few years ago, I played an odd version of Hold’em at a friend’s home. Dealt as normal Hold’em, it was played High-low. The odd part is that instead of having a qualifier for low (Omaha high-low requires an 8-low or better or the high hand gets the whole thing), it was like Lowball and players could use ALL the cards, in any combination of 1, 2, or none from their hand. I won the low half once with AA in my hand as the lowest pair (everybody left had paired or better and AA is lower than 22). I doubt I’d want to play it no limit, but it was fun at a small limit, and was much tougher than it sounds.

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Whenever we play’d a Low, it was 5cd draw…So now that I play Hold’em and OHilo, always thought the hilo for hold’em would be … lowest hand without a pair would qualify for the Low. Doesn’t matter if A is high only or low too, but the nut low then becomes either A2346xx or 23457xx depending on the Aces.

That could work, I guess. I’ve only played it the once. It was a novelty to all of us, but fun. I don’t know that I’d want a steady diet of it, but for fun, what the heck? I’ll play it if you will.