Should there be Tournaments with Half Players Making it to the Chips?

Newbies & Maybe Players with less than say 10-20,000 chip accounts could have a Select Division Tourney with Lots of Winners. Keeps Most of the Seasoned players at Bay. More PLAY time ~~ Fun ~~ Reward given back for the Players that are allowed in… Hmm… Think I’d like to try such a Tournament or Table Game with 50% or more Payout.

I like it.
A beginners tourney. Must have less than 10,001 chips/ticket(s) bankroll.
1,000 chip entry fee
At 100 entries the payout could be something like this:
41-50------1,000 chips(entry fee)
31-40------1,500 chips
21-30------2,000 chips
11-20------3,000 chips
6-10-------4,000 chips
2-5---------5,000 chips
1------------7,000 chips

Total Payout 122,000 means Replay throws in 22,000
No Late Entry, No League, Nobody with more than 10,000 in their bankroll.
A true bankroll builder for beginners.
Play reasonably well and avoid bingo and your bankroll increases.

Contrast that with a recent 1,000 buy-in Bankroll Builder with 93 entrants.
16th and below won zero.
11th-15th place won 1,974 chips.
1rst won 25,662 chips.
Replay kicked in 15,000.

Nothing wrong with the Bankroll Builder, but it might be nice for beginners to have another choice.

BTW, I checked the Bankroll Builder referenced above.
Of the top ten finishers only one had a bankroll below 129,000 chips.

I wouldn’t mind it. I think it’s worth a try to have a tournament like this.

Whittaker, Your Payout Schedule is Chicken Dinner. er… I mean Winner Winner!

Possibly only those Who Went to the Replay Bank for free chips would have an Option to this Format?

do it the 100% way… for 2 weeks after you create your account here, just take 1 min each day… log in - log out… after 14 days your bankroll is 32,500 , now you can begin playing… this works 100% of the time…should you bust out out, do this for 1 week and you have 17,500 bank …

No, there should NOT be MTTs where payout is 50%.

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I do believe this is a great idea. If I may, and standing on the shoulders of genius, I would like to take this brilliance much further. With the exact same formula of logging in and then logging out after a minute, instead of doing it for two weeks, become fully committed and do it for 52 weeks. In fact, at the end of that period of time you will have accumulated 912,500 chips! Buy into Hagia Sophia, say “let’s have some fun,” and go all in with whatever you are dealt. You may not win, but you will be the talk of Replay Poker for a very long time.

And why not give everyone a trophy just for competing.

I feel this topic should be combined with the topic on Bankroll Management. It is hard when you first start playing but if you treat the chips as real money and the bank as a real bank, then as others have said you can gradually build up your bank account to give greater playing options. I would add that the freeroll ticket tournaments are a marvellous way of progressing. This site gives so many options for new members and the idea of having tournaments for players with less than 20k in the bank is worth consideration, however, I would treat the payouts in these tournaments in the same way as all the others, i.e. depending on the number of entries.

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Its like 50/50 tourney, RP don’t have them yet.

Or do exactly what you are suggesting, plus play one of the many freerolls. No risk involved.

When I first started on Replay, cashing a freeroll and doubling at microstakes ring really helped to move up until I finally won 40k from a 2.5k mtt and made it to the big time! With the daily free chips, you can basically play an unlimited number of bankroll builders, 2/4 ring, and freerolls until you get a big score. I don’t see why anyone would need to buy chips.

I LIKE it! It “sings”!

Semper Fi Brother !!!

Semper Fi!

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I do not think it is a good idea to give awards for participation

We actually think this could be a great idea for new players/low bankroll players. We don’t currently have any tables restricted to new accounts or low bankrolls, but it’s something we’re thinking of implementing, and we’ll consider this idea once we get that rolling!

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