Should replaypoker, change it's name to replaybingo?

I think we all know to what it is I’m referring. I get that it’s a website that tries to generate money by selling chips, and that if only the best players won consistently, (as in real poker, despite the odd fluctuations given the element of ‘chance’ involved) no-one would log on to the website, but honestly, when you dominate a table consistently, and someone calls you 3 times in a row, with absolute garbage, then gets rewarded every time, you have to start wondering…replaypoker or replaybingo?

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The player called and won with garbage because that player has adapted their strategy to suit the site’s “bingo” element, and the random selection process.
My other guess, the opponent probably figured you are a “prim and proper poker player” at the real games, therefore there is a strategy for that to.

Yes, I found the hard way, it’s “different” here.

No, we don’t. I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about. Help me understand.

First, please define what you mean by “bingo.”

Second, please tell me where, specifically, you see this kind of play. I’ll go watch for awhile before I can reply. Please don’t include rebuy tournies, they are kind of wild by their very nature.



Bingo is a game in which winners are determined entirely by luck.
The reference to bingo players by the OP, and his disappointed that they are consistently rewarded(in his view), is a common theme on these pages.

As to the reply by Bluezzz, I agree completely. People who have learned to play poker elsewhere would do well to adapt their strategies to get the most out of this site.

Well, three times is really not statistically significant…If it had happened 4 times I could see your point.


well i just got off a 1 million buy in and already down 2 million since the morning…9 players in the tourney with one total complete i dont know what and how he landed up playing this tourney but utter luck box for first 30 minutes…then ofcourse he lost his way trying to bluff…i guess we all played tight and then comes the hand i am holding k10 suited against QQ and the flop is KK6…i go all in …and we all know each others game and no one in thier right minds going to play thier entire stack for a bluff post flop…but anyway this super high ranked player decides to call and ofcourse hits 4 card flush…i mean what was he thinking im calling on…there was no straight no flush no boat nothing…one king was enough but he still called in a 1 million tourney!!! i knew when he called i had him beat but also knew he was going to suck out …and he did…this NEVER CHANGES ITS ALWAYS THE SAME …THE SUCK IS ALWAYS ON…NO MATTER WHICH HAND YOU CALL AND IF YOU HAVE THE PREFLOP NUTS OR NUTS ON FLOP ITS NO USE…YOU WILL GET CALLED …NO MATTER WHAT EVEN IF HE NEEDS TURN AND RIVER AND HE WILL HIT BOTH OR ONE OF THEM WHICH IS GOOD ENOUGH TO TAKE THE POT DOWN…HOW DO THESE GUYS SURVIVE HERE? AND RANKED THIS HIGH OVER YEARS? ITS BRAINLESS POKER…
i have always refrained from playing these big tournies and the 20000/40000 as ive lost over 40 million
and i truly beleive its not for players like us …somehow the super high ranked players making donkey calls actually manage to hit the river and turn or either one and suck out…This has happened every single time ive played in the big tourney and the 20/50 blinds table …how is it possible ? i mean just ridiculous calls…the odds are 100 to 1 and the bets are in millions and they still call…JUST PURE SICK


It’s rare here that you come across players that understand REAL odds, REAL poker, the whole “gto” poker table stats, and that yes, I accept that luck and chance do indeed happen, but guessing the lottery numbers and winning £50m, isn’t proof that it’s likely you’ll win, just that sometimes, you know what, it CAN happen, however ridiculously unlikely. The weight given here between luck and skill isn’t balanced on this site, and while I do appreciate the reasons why, I think it needs addressing, in order to improve the site for the benefit and enjoyment of all.

Your level of understanding, of real poker odds and likely hands, is so truly astounding, I hope that one day we meet at a real poker table, playing for real money, where I will bring plenty of empty bags to deposit my winnings.

Yes, asking you to define your terms and provide actual examples is proof that I don’t understand the math. How can i argue with such impeccable logic?

I think you should cut some eye holes in one of your loot bags and wear it on your head.

You’ve been a member here since 2015, so if after 4 years you still don’t understand what I’m referring to with regards poker odds and statistics, the countless winning bingo hands you must have witnessed, and the numerous discussions regarding this on the forum, I sincerely doubt you ever will. It sounds like you’ve been wearing those bags on your head and you forgot to cut out the eye-holes yourself. I understand it can be tricky but I wish you the best in figuring it out someday.

Look, I can ask you to mentally picture a tree. We all know what “tree” means, but no two of us would picture the same tree. If I, picturing an oak tree, say that the bare branches in winter are spooky, you, picturing an evergreen, wouldn’t agree because your tree doesn’t have bare branches in winter.

As far as I’m concerned, the term “bingo” has no universal definition, so I asked what you mean by the term. Some think it requires the intent of disruption and has something to do with blue fairies, some don’t. Some use it to describe aggressive play in general. Some think you have to shove every hand, some say it’s any time someone shoves even one hand. It’s not unreasonable to ask you what you mean.

As I define the term, it’s someone who moves in on every hand, with any 2 cards, specifically when they aren’t short stacked. Since I don’t remember ever seeing someone do this, it’s not a big problem to me. I asked you to show me where this style is common so I could go see for myself. This seemed reasonable to me.

Of course, you not only refused to answer the questions, you immediately went to attacking me. You don’t know how much I do or don’t know about the game, ok? You don’t know what I do or don’t know about how often certain hands come up. I did spend weeks collecting actual data on flopping sets, so I guess I must know something, and it’s based on actual data, not feelings.

So you think you would take all my money in a cash game. Maybe you would. I don’t know, you don’t know. I don’t claim to know things I have no way of knowing. (shrug)


I wholeheartedly support your admitted level of ignorance regarding poker. I’m glad we can agree on something.

Your comments speak for themselves. Dismissed.


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I see no support for your point of view, opinions, or “knowledge” of poker, including my own, as the original poster, and yet, that doesn’t cause you to pause for thought. Good for you. Don’t let a lack of ability prevent you from repeatedly and consistently demonstrating your, err, “understanding” of the subject matter. Just do you. And if you need to borrow some crayons too, I’m sure you’re surrounded by other patients willing to lend you theirs.

How much “money” has anyone literally lost here on ReplayPoker? If the answer is zero then NOBODY has any reason to seriously (as in vociferously) complain about any aspect of Replay, other than letting their egos supersede logic. Of course none of us have ever seen that at any poker table, real money or otherwise. You aren’t paying for a product here. It is free. When you are shopping at the grocery store and they have a tray of fried cockroach turds for you to sample do you eat it? No? But you do sample the free truffles. Why take one and not the other? They are both free.

Call with garbage? That is not bingo to me.
How about all in time after time with garbage? Reloading or winning but in either case absolutely no poker logic and I include bluffing (or over valuing a hand) with poker logic but that is not a consecutive strategy as I am referring to consecutive all in plays. I counted 7 one time before the table was empty. In these cases the table is always headed for a breakup the only question is how soon. I do not see a benefit to Replay in these cases.

I agree with a lot of what has been said, the thing that annoys me most are the fools that consistently go all in sometimes with cards such as 7, 3, and end up with three of a kind. This is not genuine poker because they are risking nothing in a cashless game.
Also if we should buy chips, why can’t we sell them back if we win???

Anyway you look at it the HIGH ROLLERS will win the big pots on this site-but I would really love to meet them in a real holdup game. You must remember they payed a lot for there chips-replay makes sure they win-I would love to meet Sunpower-lol

There will always be people that don’t care about chips!