Short Deck Variant? 6+

I know that we have the super short deck variant of Royal, but 6+ is becoming more popular worldwide and it has caught some attention on PokerStars lately. Would it be worth adding?

I certainly think so. For one, it would give some bingo players a chance to have fun and play a new game but also for the more competitive to experience a new way to play. We could also see some more people on the site as a part of this.

There’s also the thing to consider of how this would be possible technically, and I’m not sure how long it would be to add. But I just wanted to throw it out and see if anyone had some thoughts.

Its a big thing in Asia with super-high rollers. A real gamblers game. American and European players are just getting some exposure to it. Might be a nice way to get the people with the urge to gamble into a game that’s suited for it?

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