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Just because u share an ip (ie my wife) doesnt mean u have mult accts. And then u have mods (spgodog) threatening,to deletw evryones accts. I have been a loyal replay member for awhile now and it seems this site is going backwarda fast and many many othwrs agree. If my acct gets deleted cuz me and my wife play on same ip at separatw times that will be bs. We r not hackrs just tryin to enjoy a game of cards. I guess we need a new site cuz this seems to be a consistant problem

Just because one or two people need to cheat on this site doesn’t mean that everyone who shares a computer or an ip address is cheating. I agree with Ziggy, this site is going way backwards compared to what it was when I first joined. I honestly, dont care if I get deactivated because this site has turn into to much ■■■■■■■■ with stupid moderaters thinking they are better just because of their title. Not everyone can have 2 computers and 2 internet connections… Idiots.

Donna is my,wife and we both have dedicated a retarded amount of time to this site. We dont play same tables and we couldnt if we wantd cuz we have one cpu. And when we try to talk to a mod he talks down to us lije we r stupid or something and still nvr answers the question. I am finally rich on this site and I would like to continue but these dumb problems just dont seem to stop

there is also a matter of inviting others to the site. we are at my brother in laws house and using their cpu. so we r on their ip at that time. my wife invites her sister in law to site and gets told bout mult accts and n ot awarded her 10g. of course her sister in law would be on same ip. replay needs to look into these kind of things before they jump to conclusions. it seems mods have a lil more power than they ought or ppl act on impulse not reason. i have been ont his site for awhile and i have helped contribute in forums and sharing ideas for over last year. i like this site but i am not the only one. there are many others with similar problems from what i see in these forums. i saw a mod before a tourney say any one with mult acct will be deleted. when informed of the situation he just kept reiterating the same thing he said. this is a ridiculous problem. is everyone lying about mods?

ReplayPoker will take steps to detect and prevent all forms of cheating, such as collusion, multiple account abuse and chip dumping. This may include examination of your account and hand histories. Not easy being a Moderator…

Yeah, but the ones who are not cheating, you think are.

C what I mean? Its like talking to a door knob somebody else plz respond and answer my question and not read a rule book to me

There is no way a moderator can say to one player it’s ok to have more than 1 person in the same location play at a table and then tell another player it’s not ok to do that. We do not know you. We don’t know if you live in a retirement home, college dorm, frat house or 15 people living in the same house. The rules are made by Replay Poker. The moderators are asked to make sure the rules are played by. If you have a problem with the rules take it to All games have rules. Even the free ones.

Stupid moderators?..Moderators are idiots? Thanks!!

Keep up the good work mods, no one wants to play on a site that allows cheating.

Every one missed the point entirely. And mods continue to show their intelligence level. Support staff only respond plz.getting no where with mods

  1. I agree with ur statement that not everyone that shares a IP adress direcly means he/she is cheating on the website. 2. NOT al moderators are the same, if u think so… Sadly

You asked for a response and I gave you one. Just not the one you wanted. As usual it’s the mod’s fault. That is a tiring line. You all need to find something else to blame. If you want support staff only to reply you need to send them a message direct at


If a shared IP suspicious or/and have previous infraction, we have to protect other players. Cant go to the user house and check on them… Im sure all mod leave alone users with shared IP if looks ok. Yes, the 10k chips (free) blocked from same IP. I see you complain, may this 10k will be blocked for all.

Abuse any user ( including mods ) will not help…