Seven stud hi-lo

Is there not enough interest in Seven Stud Hi-Lo or even stud to offer a few ring games? Even the tourneys only offer 1 hi-lo game that I’ve seen. Just wondering…


When you go on the Dashboard to ‘All Ring Games’ , select in the ‘Game Type’ 7Card Stud Hi/Lo, and you click on ‘Update Filter’ then you will see 7Card Stud Hi/Lo tables at the top of the list.

Hope this info helps, good luck and have fun at the tables!


Thanks for the reply! What browser are you using? I have tried both Microsoft Edge and Chrome, neither of them show any stud hi-lo games even when I clear ALL the choices and click just stud hi-lo…

What I should have said is I don’t get a list of 7 stud hi-lo on the ‘RING GAMES’. I do show them on Sit & Go and MTT…

It’s not your browser! , it’s your filter settings.

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Thanks for the reply Craig. I took a screenshot to make sure I knew what I was trying to convey. Do you still think it’s my settings?

Yes! Click on sit n go. There are no ring games for 7 card stud hi/lo because that’s what is showing you’re searching for.

Look what I did and I clicked favorites. There it is :+1:t2: Hope this helps.

Yes sir. Thanks again for the reply. I did exactly that and I do get listings on both Sit & Go and MTT like I said before, but Tiandra had me confused by saying they showed up in Ring Games which like my screenshot shows aren’t there…

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I believe you were asking for Ring games , was not my intention to confuse you at all. For Ring games , this is how to find them

Ring table

Hope this helps, good luck and have fun at the tables!

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Glad I could help. Have fun and perhaps I’ll see you later this afternoon on the 7 card tables.

Tiandra, you had the right idea from the beginning. I did ask solely about the ring games. I’m wondering: is the screenshot you took off a mobile phone, etc. because my screenshot is off a Windows desktop with Chrome browser and doesn’t show any 7 stud hi-lo in ring games at all. Sorry to have made this whole post a lot longer than it should have…

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WELL!!! 7 Stud hi-lo JUST CAME THROUGH on Ring Games!! Never changed my settings either! Thank you Craig and Tiandra once again…


Must have missed you at the 7hi-lo today Craig. That is a toughgame. Lot harder than omaha 8 but more interesting. It would be nice if more players showed up ringside so to speak…

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