Seriously, is there enough time?

Krista slams down the mouse, clicks FOLD and screams: “Mean bully!” at the computer monitor. On the green table felt suddenly is written…
The 5 minute break will start when hands on all tables are completed

“Yikes”, Krista jumps up, out of the black gaming chair. She spins the chair out of her way and runs out of the bedroom converted to computer room. She fumbles with the buttons of her shorts, as she turns right into the bathroom. The faded blue jeans shorts fall to her ankles, and she flips up the toilet seat….

Krista scrubs soap over her hands, drys them and checks her reflection in the mirror. “Yikes I need hurry!” On the counter, she runs water into the kettle and flicks on the switch. Selects a Chai tea bag and readies it in the mug. Munches on a crispy energy Fiber1 bar from the box on the shelf.

The muffled whine is from her Westie, the white terrier looks up to her with soulful, pleading eyes. “Sorry Piper yes you hungry, i sorry.” She pours dog food bits into the dish from the Tupperware container.

Krista adds boiling water to the mug. Tea drink in hand she returns to the computer room.

OMG!! From the doorway she sees her next hand on the screen, looks like Ace Ace both red! Rushes to her computer. She pushes the chair out of her path, the hot tea spills out onto the floor tiles. She reaches, almost dives for the mouse.

“Oh No!” She sees two players are all in prior the flop. Krista grips the oval mouse, the white arrowhead hovers over the betting array, on the MAX button… click.
Too late. Her hand is folded. Krista starts to cry. ![( “Frown”)

Question…. Is five minutes enough time for hourly break?

hugs Krista

I must admit… I have time to make coffee and smoke a cigarette outside in those 5 minutes so I guess you have a little to learn about time management [joke] … Huggs back :wink:


It is enough time for a quick visit to the bathroom or to get a drink.


It’s plenty of time, you got a lot done in 5 minutes… :slight_smile:

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All serious poker players wear Depends, so they don’t really need bathroom breaks.

I suspect Replay works on metric time or something, because breaks never quite seem like 5 minutes. Sure, I have time to make a refreshing adult beverage, but never seem to have the time to garnish it properly. As soon as I get the bamboo parasol in, BAM, it’s time to play, often leaving me with a half-sliced lime. Very irksome, that.

I think 6 minute breaks would be better.

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I find 5 minutes is enough, but if you are actually playing in the last hand before the break, you often get much less than 5 minutes…and if you are HU at a final table, I would prefer to keep playing rather than take the break.

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Those are the times I wish it was 6 min instead of 5.


5 minutes is plenty of time for breaks…
but sometimes ya don’t need 1 , so

[x] - Ready to play
How about a checkbox, a player is ready
to continue play and doesn’t need a break.
Only if all participants click, will break be

The other thing is… when a " final " table
is reached, there should be a additional
break add’d here. Usually for me, by the
time u hit a final table, you might need a
break…( and some new curtains in the
final table room )


Six or seven would be okay. Replay has an unusual system where the break starts immediately after the blind level ends rather than waiting until everyone has finished their hand. This means it’s possible to end up with a 3 or 4 minute break in some circumstances, which is pretty short.

Sassy Sarah is right about the ‘ready to play’ checkbox- that’d be a good feature for SnGs and final tables.


thanks all for replies
Yes yes i know i need get whatever done in the 5mins… just i find it very sparse
i know drink less water lol
issue is… those that play more than one table… Replay Poker is very archaic with their software
every major poker site… PokerStars, PartyPoker, 888, ACR, BOL, Sportsbet, Interops, Bodog, Run it Once
ALL each and every one
make uniform breaks at 5 minutes prior the hour
ALL of them

so when i play at same time: an MTT on 888, an SnG on PokerStars & a homegame on ACR… all break at uniform - identical time… so i have a real break of almost 5mins
on all the tables i playin same time - see?

however Replay Poker marches to own drummer and makes a break whenever

so what happens me? poor Krista still needs pee badly
why Replay Poker no uniform breaks with rest of poker world?

Replay assume none of us play more than 1 table? (i play 4-6)
i doubt Replay arrogant say: hell with all rest poker sites, Replay does breaks whenever want - random?

i think it truly cause they have mickey mouse, antiquated software, unable to make sync breaks like ALL rest of poker online community

i mean Replay still using Flash… generally old & unsupported stuff - time Replay for an update?

so if play Replay… no play more than 1 table & no need pee? lol


You can do what I do and put a mini-fridge in your bathroom. Set your computer on top of it (and if there’s room maybe even a small coffee maker) and you’ll be good to go for several days straight, depending on how well you stock the fridge.

Granted, I might not actually do this, but it’s a viable solution nonetheless.

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Seriously, on “free” chips ?
I’m done when I’m done and play can resume for all I care, ready or not ready.
It’s not as if there is a plane to catch, and yeah OK, that winning hand was missed.
Keep obsessions healthy, it’s just a game and no A I is ever gonna rule my life !


I don’t need a break to miss a hand, I get up when I need to, If I miss a hand so be it.
and yes I have spilled my drink trying to run back to the button lol


I think it should be 5 minutes from the last hand at the last table to finish. If you’re at a table that finishes before the others it could just say, break of 5 minutes will start at the completion of the last table. That being said, yes if I need to get up during the tourney, I do…and I do…because my girls(cats), always remind me that my sole purpose in life is to let them in and out, or feed them…on their schedule. It’s either that or replace the screens on my windows weekly. It would be nice to have the 5 minutes for myself though.

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Give your hands a rest… And wash for supper once in a while.

I’m getting Asssitisis
just reading this

Get a laptop and play on the toilet. Simple fix!

I do have a computerized toilet top, It;s called a “Doo Key” It’s usually in my nieghbors yard. When I beat them with 2-2. of course. Butt.Just remember to wipe and flush on. 5 Minutes alone is plenty of time…:mask:

This is why I won’t play tournaments.

Time management is the answer. 5 mins is enough time