Serious Play or Playing for Social Fun?

I see many posts regarding styles of play and whether Replay is a site for social fun, serious play such as at a casino, or great for practicing to play live Poker.
I am inviting a lighthearted discussion on which of the above is your reason for enjoying your games on Replay.

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Just casual fun for me, if I can find a table with good folks, even better, I am not a Pro or a “serious” player, but I enjoy it on a casual level, building up a few chips at a time.


FUN but i try to play like it is real money …it’s too bad many others don’t lol.

Jan i think it is hard to practice for real money poker on a fake play game too many all inners.

But…can use it to learn a new game!


To be honest, i cannot sleep as wife snores LOUD. I was playing a lot of small cash games BUT since here it is awwww way more fun. Winning a couple of dollars’ ( i am decent and usually win and modest lol) will not change my life BUT here ppl. are nice and i made many friends and when i win a big pot i do not get called every bad word in the book (cash games u can say anything). It is a cool site and friendly ppl.


Casual recreational online video poker. One can try and play serious but in 9/10 cases it goes amateurish unless you play with the same group. So all in all it’s Social Poker.


I play to relax from my busy retirement. (haha). When I first started Replay there were quite a few malcontents playing here, but not so many playing now so it’s improved. I mean hey it’s FREE, chill,enjoy,Relax. Have a great game and a greater day. :grinning:


I enjoy playing the Omaha tournaments here and although I don’t chat much at the tables I enjoy the personal message chats I have with my new American(and other countries) friends.
Social fun for me. :grinning:

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I really like sitting at a table with serious players. I try to play replay like it is real money. Just to try and get better at the game. I get aggravated when some players at the table don’t take it seriously, but that may be the way they enjoy playing the game. They might get aggravated with me. I am here to have fun and meet some really nice people which I have done. Thank you Replay Poker

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Play for fun but still competitive

Impossible to make any resemblance to a real money game

Most people will take a shot at a straight or flush with chips theyd never contemplate in a real money game

Lots of high stake bluffs with nothing chasing AK etc

League games with likeminded folk works

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I just play for fun. For me this site is a nice low stress way to get some competitive juices flowing, learn new games, and different strategies. I enjoy the larger field MTTs. Lots of good, yet not too serious players yet for some reason you see alot of the same folks at the late stages. True some strategies don’t work at certain points of the tourney like they would if it was a cash game, and its hard not to get pissed losing to an All in maniac in the first 5 minutes cracking your AA with 84, but I’m not playing for money and there is another tournament in a few minutes.

I enjoy relaxing with a nice poker game, with little concern over the financial side of it, but I do take my game seriously.

I live near a couple large casinos and a couple days ago I was playing Pai Gow Poker. Several players and dealers kept asking me why I was only playing straight Pai Gow and not the “Fortune” side bets that pay you for hitting flushes, straights, full houses, etc.

Pai Gow Poker, at $10 per hand, with about half the hands pushing, is very slow. There’s money to be made (or lost) with the $5 fortune bets paying from 2:1 (straight) up to 2500:1 (7-card straight flush without joker).

I realized the reason I don’t like to play the side bet is because it’s not about the money to me. I don’t worry about winning or losing money. I just enjoy the game.

I play for fun that relax me a lot
And relax means that I don’t play for money
I learn in the meantime a game that seems to me
Very interesting. I am not a big talker but enjoy when othes in my table do

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dont blame the wife, married, couple, or whatever the lady is not at fault, it is and allways be our fault

fun for me i like to act like its money that counts not all in every hand and have fun seeing what others play like

Serious Social Fun.

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I play as a pastime, literally. I have to elevate my leg for a few hours a day, so playing poker on my cell phone is the perfect page to making the time pass by.

However I also have a kind of obsession about growing my chip stack. I remember when I started out I was playing in low level sit and goes with my free chips, because that was basically all I knew.

At one time I came up against an opponent who I could see from the player’s profile had the seemingly incredible (to me at that time) total of 13 million chips. I could see that they were something like half a million players on replay poker at that time, although I think a lot of inactive players have now been removed. Even so last time I looked there was something like 367,000 players on RP, and two or 3,000 people actively playing at any time, more sometimes.

Two or three years ago I thought that if I could make the top 1000 players out of hundreds of thousands that it would be an amazing achievement, even though it is understood that the quality of play on a free play money site is, let us say, questionable. Having achieved that I dared to aim to make the first 500, and then the first 200.

But above all, playing poker online helps fill the hours, and I never get tired of it, especially if I am on a winning streak. It is the adrenaline rush every time those three cards come down on the flop and the sheer joy in dismantling a huge bluff on the river.

I just wish that poker wasn’t simply about finding weaker players at tables where the stakes are too high for them. It would be nice if there could be something like duplicate bridge, where everybody plays the same hands over a period of time and the player who ends up with the most chips wins by maximizing their hand relative to other players.

That is some serious fun :+1:t2:

Here’s my 5 cents thoughts: first of all for fun and excitement. But is also a path: meeting nice and warm ppl and learn to control myself, to decide “stop” even I’m feeling “all in”, roughly calculate probabilities and learn to count on them. I feel this site is not just for playing but also for educating. Many congrats!

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Serious, deadly serious.

Serious fun or serious play ?