Separate win/loss between MTT and ring games

to separate a players win/loss between the MTT’s and ring games?

I ask because it seems like I win my chips in tourneys and then go lose them in ring games and am curious if this is true


In general more options and controls to break down and analyze the statistics can only be a good thing.


I respectively disagree with that statement.

Nobody on replay has said yes or no to my query???

I think if you click on your logo at the top right of the page on Replay, the menu opens up and if you click on activities you can find the information you are looking for. One list provide the data for tourneys, the other for
RNG play.

Nope, no stats separating tourney and ring…

Staff, will you confirm that there is no way to access separate win/loss stats for tourneys and ring games?

I think separating one’s stats between the ring, SNG’s and MTT;s is a great idea, they are all completely different animals…I fold a lot more in mtt’s the in ring games :relaxed: