Separate the Chat Box and the Information Box

Separate the Chat box and the box that tells you what is happening at the table (like what hand is being dealt, who won, and other information)

Basically this will help clarity. Often times chat messages that are submitted mid-hand are overrun with the other information such as who won the hand and other information.

If these were separated into two different boxes (one on the bottom right and the other on the bottom left) and all the table actions (fold, call, check, and raise) were placed in the middle, then i believe the website would not only have a better look, but it would also be more versatile and efficient

Hi Odayin,

Thank you for the idea, we totally agree on all points. We have plans plans to split up the chat, but it will most likely be part of a bigger project that includes a lot of upgrades to the game table. Stay tuned for improvements to come. :slight_smile:

Cheers, Lesley

I don’t understand why you need to clutter the chat box with info on who won every multiple table tourney…maybe that benefits replay but it means nothing to 99% of the players, just useless clutter. I suspect replay thinks it attracts players to multi table tourney’s but it does not. At least let us opt out.