Sending PMs

I see that the average jane (or joe) player can only send a PM to friends, moderators and staff. I think player reps should be included in that list as well… :thinking:


nah…some don’t bother answering {rep that is}

well,… at the very least I would like to have the option. Right now I cannot. :sob: :

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Send Litenin a friend request. He is very friendly and helpful. Spell his player name correctly.


Thank you for that :grinning: but not having to add a friend is the point. Player reps are everyone’s rep not just the folks on their friend list.

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The system for PMs sent to other players is set up so you don’t get 400 spam messages a day. you can ask a player in chat to accept your friend request, you can send them a friend request, but you cannot like on most platforms direct message them without their approval. I run into problems with this system setup a lot, I am sending 400 PMs a week, and that’s just me for my private league and friends, imagine if 7000 plus people had the ability to pm anyone and everyone. Staff have a different set of rules for a reason, I have to ask staff for changes within my game schedule, I would hate that to be buried under 7000 other messages, response time would be off the charts.

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An alternative to your suggestion is to go to the bottom of the Lobby page and click on Players OnLine

Click on Moderators or Player Reps (send a friend request to the ones in the Player Reps section). You’ll also be able to see which individual is currently on-line.


I hope this helps.

Hi Rain, How ya doin? :grinning: I am only saying that along with staff and moderators player reps should be contactable without having to add them as a friend. What is the purpose of player reps if not to be a point of contact??

Hi Smooth,
Thanks, that’s good info, but it does not help me to contact any of the player reps. It doesn’t have to be a PM, for instance there could be a button you can click requesting a player rep to contact you.

I see, I agree they are kind of like union reps, but I don’t think any one of them would refuse a friendship request. If it was just an open channel they may also get bombarded with messages, if the floodgate was open. lessoning quality of service…it’s more by appointment only, I don’t see that as a problem, staff has always responded to me in a timely manner. Sometimes I don’t know how, with all that happens here, good and bad.

@das32343 , I will send a friend request to you and As a Player Rep, I can not speak for all Plyer Reps, but I personally agree with you, often after playing a well fought game, I have wanted to simply send a Great game compliment to someone, who is not on friend list. I also believe anyone should be able to contact me with any questions about the games or concerns, etc. But as I said, I cant speak for all Player Reps. My resolution is to allow all of us to have a hidden checkbox to allow all PM’s in & out. I will follow up on to see if that is a possibility, @Pageaux please consider. Have fun everyone & gl at the tables!

Hi Litenin :grinning:
I already knew, because of previous interactions with you, that you would not reject a friend request. Thank you. I guess I just don’t understand the role of the player rep. Is there some sort of “job description” or guidelines for player reps??

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I think many player reps would not want to be contacted by random players or any and everyone!

I think there is a page that maybe describes MODs & reps purpose and roles etc.

Personally IMO a player rep should be an active and positive presence in the RP community. Many are.

I’ve played with MODs & reps that I’ve never seen chat and dont even bother to say ty after a nh is given.

I don’t get the desire or need to PM a random player just bc they are a rep. If you like a player rep then tell them you’d like to send a friends request.

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Hi Dogs,
I looked at the help section blurb about volunteers:

I gotta say I think that kinda comes with the job… it seems hard to answer questions that can’t be asked, and yes, I know that questions can be asked in the forums (especially this one) but the forums are open to all and sometimes there might be a question that is not for all eyes, and yes, I know that moderators and staff can be PM’d without being friended. I am not talking about that, I just think that there should be a way to ask a player rep a question without jumping through hoops. I would think the staff would try to facilitate that. :thinking: :grinning:

I agree with you Litenin. I too would like to be able to send a compliment to a player who is not on my friend list. I want to help the players that have questions they need answered or any concerns that they may have. Good luck at the tables and enjoy the poker games.

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I have to say, I am not advocating lifting the general restriction on PMs, only that player reps be included in that special class of the relay poker family (ie moderators and staff) that can be messaged directly. I believe the possible harm (spam, trolls,… spamming trolls,… trolling spam, etc.) outweighs the possible benefits (getting to PM someone “gg”) of removing the general PM restriction of “only friends”

Previously people could message Player Reps the same as any moderator or staff member, however, we ran into trouble with some people not really understanding the difference between a Rep and a Moderator which led to some Reps getting harassed. Because of this I made the decision to allow Reps the same options others have where they need to friend someone prior to being messaged.

This seems to have worked well as most Player Reps will friend anyone that sends them a Friend Request, but it still leaves them the option to remove a friend if someone gets out of control.

It’s a fair point though and something I’d certainly be willing to discuss with the Player Reps in our next meeting if enough of them would like to see the change.

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Aaah… Thanks for the info. I did not know things had been different in the past, and judging from the vast number of complaints on the subject I admit the present system does not seem to have caused problems. I meerly saw a potential small improvement for the player experience though I would not advocate a course of action that would result in people being abused, and volunteers at that. I am content to rely on your judgement and the choice of the reps on this matter. Perhaps adding contact instructions to the help section blurb on player reps might help. Also: … THANK YOU to all the volunteers for what you do.


Hi das32343, yes there is at this link This can be found at the bottom of home page, at site rules/Replay Volunteers. gl at the tables

I think that was the intent of the Endorsement feature. Unless for some reason, you want some credit for it.