Second chance buy in

In one week time, you able to deposit your fav buy in for tournament.

say you love to play the 10k tours, then you deposit 10k extra in monday, you play MTT-s, but in friday tour you loose, but still want to play, then you can chose this second chance buy in. ofc this "extra " added to the initial prize pool. some rules for this

Second chance can be only used once a week. Second chance can be used til half of the tour, say 60 players, then 30 players need left in tour to use. May pay some penalty what can be used for free rolls.

please comment and vote!

i like it. Obviously rules would have to be implemented like u cant use it if u make it to final table. Cuz if u and 1 and u win it wouldnt be fair if the other guy could bu back in cuz u would have to beat him twice. I like