Seating scripts for SNG

Suppose I have two “favourite” players and I want to play SNG’s with them only. Can I automatically registrer to interesting SNG through web-based Selenium script, which scans SNG lobby without getting banned?

You can obviously run a simple script - If you want to play with your friends Replay has private ring games which I think is what you are looking for

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replay and others do not allow for some time

Pokerstars and Replaypoker are different sites. I am asking about Replaypoker, NOT Pokerstars.

Hi dark_Side 1
As TiggyTime points out, if friends with to play together the private tables provide this facility and you can invite people to play with you there. The general tables cannot be reserved as all players must be able to join available tables if they so wish.
It is certainly not possible to reserve the Sit & Go tables and I am sure if your friends wish to play with you there they will PM you to say they are about to play.


Sorry, grapevine, this question is a little bit unusual for this forum, so you misunderstood it. Let me rephrase: If I will use custom script to automatically (within 1-2 sec) register in SNG tournaments only after certain “favourite” player/s will register in SNG, will I banned for that?

So you want to use a script to stalk people that you know want nothing to do with you. If that’s not bannable, it should be.


Playing with “favourite” players != stalking. It’s public lobby btw, not private.
P.S. In a lot of poker sites this behaviour is quite common.

On the contrary dark_Side1, I believe I understand your intentions perfectly and my answer concerning Sit&Go tournaments remains the same.


Thanks! I will completely follow the logic of your answer!