Script Errors / Frozen System

I have been having issues with Script Errors,/ Slow Table new hand refresh / … I have cleared the cache, rebooted, verified Flash and still have problems. I sent 2 requests to technical Support. Problem goes away but comes back again. I never get a response from Technical Support what they did, nor any information how to prevent this issue in the future. It would be nice to receive a response when sending a message to Customer?technical Support.

You tried to play in another browser to see if that goes better?

Best you can do is go to this page.

On the help page you also find a link for contacting support directly, with that mail you can send your comp spec for personal help.

Lol, Technical support, what is that? I’ve sent many requests for problems I’ve had in the past, all to no avail. Last night, i registered to play in a tournament and the site wouldn’t open for me but it did take 10,000 chips from me which I didn’t get back. There is something strange about this site and certain ones of their “monitors” one of whom is a cowardly little tyrant. Others sites adhere more to the odds and percentages but I like the graphics here the best, so I let them screw me and I put up with the little boi who would be Napoleon.

After encountering this issue for several months now, a special script has been put in your system version of Replay Poker. This script is what is causing the problem. Funny other members at the table not encountering the problem.

I’m new here and what you’d call a fish.I know the chips I play with are free but In the week Ive been here I’ve lost chips from leaving a table and just today the table was acting up,dealing hole’s and flop at the same time,skipping bets and different noises.IDK,I don’t think it’s me.

Don’t know if it will help but I close everything else , even the main lobby…it seems to help me.

@SharonSmarty has a great tip there, and we also have some troubleshooting steps available in the Technical Support section of our Help Center. If none of that works for you, please drop us a line at We haven’t had any widespread reports of the issues you’re mentioning, so we’d love to see if we can get things working better for you!

Hey people, spend more money on here to pay better proggramer and anything will be ok :slight_smile: Instead buyin a burger that ■■■■ your health , spend your money for your hobby that makes you happy which is healthy. Cheers.

Thanks for the tip.Will try next time. Finn007.

Thanks Fizz. Fingers crossed. X