Screen freezing when my turn to act

Lately, several times during a session, on my turn to act, nothing happens. I can’t check fold or bet. Chat appears to work. After that happens a few times, dealing stops and cards just appear.

If you know how to use the ? at the top of the page send a report to support. They will need table number and hand number to zero in on what you are seeing. If you have never used the ? let me know and I will walk you through it.

Good Luck


Happens sometimes to me but not several times in a tourney - I completely log out and exit replay then log back in. But yes - contact replay – they are good peeps - Ps - could it be your internet or computer? - do the games continue but you are frozen? If so - that I think is on your end? Either way contact them if this doesnt help.

It could be the speed of your internet not communicating fast enough with Replay’s server but we were told today Replay put to upgrades in server then took both off this week end to cut down on the problems.

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Happened to me three times this week. I actually was dealt 4 hands in a row with my cards face down!!! One tournament, when I was down to the final 2, it sat me out for 3 hands. By the time I had reloaded the table, it was all over. In the big picture, they are just free chips, but it can be extremely frustrating. Just letting you know you’re not alone in this problem


get use to it has been happening for a couple years on and off

Couple of years ? No way !!

lol…i thought i was only one who had cards dealt face down! But it happened to me over a month ago. Getting sat out off/on lately. Tried to call a bet and action button didn’t work so I was sat out. It’s just play but gets frustrating at times…

I have had some hole cards delt to me. I quickly refreshed the table then I could see them.