Scintillating Dinner Conversation Topics

Here’s the chance to do something good for your fellow poker players! Suggest a topic of conversation for the dinner table that will not be controversial, that will not make your children blush, and that will not cause your sister to flounce out of the room–or throw a turkey leg at you!

Here are a few suggestions to start the flow:

  1. What was your favorite holiday gift growing up? Do you still have it? How much would you pay on eBay to replace it?

  2. If your pet could magically gain the power of speech for a day, what would you like to ask him? And what do you think he would want to tell you?

  3. If Hollywood made a movie about our family, what would it be titled, and which actors should be cast to play all the relatives?

  4. If you could bring either Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer or Frosty the Snowman to life, which would you choose and why?

  5. If you could create your own flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, your ideal Starbucks drink, or a new flavor Oreo, what would it be?



What’s this crap I just dug out of my ear? ohhhh…a dime!


On a normal Thanksgiving we would be debating who was going to win the Super Bowl and why then my nephew would start drawing up the squares to bet. Missing that today :disappointed: