Schedule of the tournament

what the hell you constantly change schedule of the tournament !? (I’m not talking about the summer and winter time)

Hi sarkozi

Not sure what you mean. In 2013 ReplayPoker started with a new schedule. This year some tournaments are added (Omaha Hi/Lo for example) but the times of the existing daily tournaments were not changed as far as i know. ReplayPoker organizes promotions, sometimes with existing tournaments and sometimes with new added tournaments, without changing the daily schedule. Please can you tell which tournaments you mean? Always possible i missed an update.

Greetings Happiness.

replay ch. start b4 18:45 now in 18:30 be punish.

20:15 ( 20:30)

and more … Waking Dreams blinds now change every 5 min ( b4 was 10)

Hi sarkozi

I know it is annoying when the start time of a favorite tournament is changed, but sometimes it is unavoidable when the total schedule needs improvements.

Last year (Sept) ReplayPoker started with a new schedule, indeed that time also some start times were changed, and some tournaments disappeared and new ones came back.

I looked into the tournament history. In Sept 2013 ReplayPoker started with a new tournament schedule, tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool, the bankroll builders, satellites, daily freerolls and so on.

Be Punished changed Sept 26th 2013 and Replay Challenge also on that date. And on Sept 29th the format of the Waking Dreams was changed, 5 mins blind duration instead of 10 mins. And i’m sure there were more changes that time, With a total new schedule changes in existing tournaments is unavoidable.

This year we not made very much changes in the daily schedule, there were requests for deep stack tournaments, Saturday Hangover and Tuesday Prime are deep stack now, new tournaments are added, And in a quiet hour we added a lower buy-in tournament and changed the time of a high buy-in tournament 30 mins to make it more atractive for all players.

Hope this helps. Greetings Happiness.