Save An Entire Game

Is there an easy way to save an entire game after it has been played? It’s about 180 hands. Thanks.

If you save the opening hand you can follow the next hand link to the end of the current table, which is sufficient for non-MTT games. It’d be great if Replay provided a means of saving the entire set of hands so that you could browse through them, though.

For that matter, it’d be great if Replay could let us go back through more than 20 pages of our recent hand history, and see everything we ever did.

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Not at this time aside from what puggywug suggested. This is a request I’ve made a suggestion on to Replay. I believe it’s under consideration for adding in the future. Implementing HTML5 for the site has put most other things on hold. Let’s hope this is added in the future. Happy New Year :slight_smile:


Thanks. I’m not as fluent with the site as others and yourself.

  1. How do you save a hand?
  2. How do you retrieve this saved hand?

Hi smooth,
If you go to the top of your lobby or Dashboard you will see an option “Search players or hands”. Copy the hand number you wish to review and paste in this box. It will then take you to the hand and you can also replay hands around it too.
Hope this helps.

Thanks. But, I was referencing puggywug’s post ( above ) about saving your opening hand in a MTT for later review of all of your hands played in that specific tourney then how would you go about retrieving those series of hands played.

Sounded interesting. Especially since recently the tables clear info so quickly, I don’t know what others had been holding.

Re-reading your response I think I now realize what you were writing and would like to thank you again for your response. ,