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Hi everyone,

I’m really into poker on Replay and I’m having a lot of fun on the site! Fairly recently, I suggested Elite Stakes Tournaments (Elite Stakes Tournaments) and to my amazement Replay listened and added them. They are great fun and they mean that people of all bankrolls can play tournies for a good amount of chips.The one issue is that they are pretty unpopular; nobody has played the Elite Stakes SnGs for quite a few days, and the High and Elite Stakes MTTs never seem to get many players. I think Satellite Tournaments would be a great solution to the second problem. They mean that people can play at a higher levels and have chances to win bigger prizes, and they mean that the higher level tournaments become far more popular.

I would suggest that Replay adds two daily 5K to 50K tournies, two 15K to 100K tournies (maybe ‘Replay Challenge’ could also become a 100K tourney), as well as one daily 50K to 250K tourney, one daily 250K to 1M (6max) and a 1M to 5M tourney that gives three or four tickets to the Grandaddy. Of course the amount of tickets given and the timing of the tournies would be better decided by Replay, but I think that the idea is good.

Would anyone else want to see this added to the game? Correct me if this would not be a good addition to the site, but I think that this would be a fun addition to the game that would make the bigger tournies more popular and enjoyable.

-Flyinghigh- :wink:


Hi FH,

Please don’t be angry with me my friend; but I can’t see this working for a long, long time.

A little background: When I came here I suggested three leagues, the American, European, and Asian. I knew they would work because I had come from another site that had less players but the leagues were very popular. With their success I had the ear of management.

I was asked to help with suggestions for getting people to play more SnGs. At the time all they had was Lo and Med. I suggested, similarly as you are now, that they should open Hi level SnGs where there had been none.

Interestingly, in the first month, there were also very few people. One of the moderators tried to get it started but couldn’t get it going. Analyzing what happened it was easy to see that the reason it didn’t catch on was because the highest game people were playing had been a buy in of 30K in Medium and now they were asked to buy in at 200K. Only the moderator, a few friends invited from high stakes, and a few other brave souls played.

The following month I asked a number of players to join me and play, not the 200K buy-in, but the 50K buy-in. In the first month there had only been 69 players, but we managed by the second month to get over 400 players. Up until this most recent change there were 500 to 650 players each month.

Frankly, there were still issues to be corrected when your idea was implemented. One of the issues was corrected, that of making the step up to a higher buy-in not too steep, as it was still hard to move Medium players into the High realm.

But now, there is a brand new problem, and my hope is it will not have a reverse effect and harm activity in SnG High. What has been created is only sequential in the buy-in, but over time that should change. But it isn’t the monthly league; it is a yearly league. To me, this should be your answer: in general dedicated and serious players are not ready to play at that radical level, and two, they most certainly are not willing to wait for six months for the bonus.

With more adjustments it will work, like making it a monthly and putting in a proportionately larger bonus. But it will really only take off when the players grow into it. What is true about politics is also true about filling up poker rooms, feel the Bern, you build from below, not above.



Not all players play poker to be competitive on the leaderbaords, lot of players play and try to increase their bankroll by winning prizes in tournaments (MTTs and SnGs)

Only a few of the SnG players play for the leaderboards, most of them play a game because they like to play SnGs.
When you play for the SnG leaderboards you must play x games a month, not much less and not much more (unless your score is low), and you must play nearly daily SnGs.

The buy-ins of some SnGs are changed for the balance. You can choose the buy-in that fits with your bankroll.

With the ranking list of the higher SnGs you can see how you do comparing your opponents, nothing less and nothing more. The top 3 is just a bonus.

Of course players won’t play several SnGs and MTTs with a buy-in of 1M or higher a day, but it is important that players with a high bankroll have the possibility to play higher buy-in tournaments, they also must have challenges.

@Happiness @Scratch This does make sense and I understand that making the high and elite stakes tournies popular would be a very long term thing, and adding more Satellites to the site wouldn’t combat the SnG’s anyway. But don’t you think that adding more Satellites would be fun for players who want the chance to win big prizes and might give at least some more popularity to the MTTs?

Each buy-in level is important, from low level to elite level.

At he moment there are no plans promoting the Elite level further with actions, we offer these tournaments as a replenishment to the high level, it is up to the players to play them. End of the year we can see how it goes and if players have interest in the higher tournaments.
If players feel more comfortable in the high (med or low) level it is oke also.

Reviewing the Satellite tournaments is planned for later this year:)

PS - It appears that the addition of more Elite High games has made the already loneliest high tables look even more lonely.

When you call for a meeting that you want to have 25,000 people attend don’t hire a hall that allows 40,000 people. Hire out a room that fits 15 or 20,000.

Most people in the field of dreams feel “if you build it they will come.” But hard nose organizing operates with the idea that “if you build it right they will stay.”

i have to say it sounds like a really great idea to add more satellites.
there are now only satellites for getting an 15k ticket.
i would really like to see tickets for higher tournaments also.
especcialy because satellites are meant for people who want to play tournament with buy-in’s they can’t afford. and 15k can be played by the worst players ever with a bit of patience, because if you log in 8 days you alreay got it. high stakes however can’t be done that easily.

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