Satellite for bigger MTTs

let’s get some satellites for 250k, 1M, 2.5M if it’s possible…

also, there is only one 50k sattelite during the day (when most people play) and it would be good to add one around 7-8am eastern / 7-8pm eastern since that’s when the 50k MTTs go off

these tourneys are great but it would be nice to have some new players since it’s generally the same group of people every day.

i can’t play in satellites giving me 2k/5k/15k tickets because i don’t play 2k/5k/15k MTTs, only 50k and up

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asked the same thing about the bigger satellites, so fully agreed.

since the whole idea of satellites is to play big buy-in tournaments it would be a very good thing to add

It’s on the suggestion list and we’ll be discussing it in an upcoming meeting! Thanks a lot for the idea – we’ll let you know what we decide. :slight_smile:

Fizzy - while on the topic of satellites, is there any word on the variable payout formats that were discussed a while back? From a macro-view, the number of satellites and what they satellite into is important but so is the concept of keeping payouts in proportion to the number of entries.

This goes to the concept of “chip inflation” that I’d like to address in another thread when I get the chance. RP has a lot of great promotions and giveaways/bonuses but it appears that the amount of chips being added through them is accelerating. This is going to increase the inflationary issues that have been mentioned in these Forums on occasion. There are no intrinsic problems with promotions, bonuses, free-rolls etc. but somewhere a drain needs to be opened up a bit to keep things in balance.


[quote=“1Warlock, post:5, topic:6408”]
Fizzy - while on the topic of satellites…and what they satellite into
[/quote]I think feeds into perfectly the whole discussion over the 24hr MTT schedule in general, because there are glaring gaps for players.

Traditionally, I think of sattelite’n into another specific (tier’d) MTT, replay also does the whole ticket thingy… There is already a lack of higher buyin MTTs, during off-peak times and most time zones, so it figures there would be a lack of sattelites that feed those MTTs using tickets.

(tickets) - I also don’t think paying 2k to win a 5k ticket is right… whereas you can pay 5k to win a 50k ticket… if a player pays 1/2 in entry ( 2.5k to win 5k ) then you would prolly expect it to pay out 4 in 10, basically the 50% - a cut for the house… compare that to a 500 buyin to win a 5k ticket…( 10x )… where I’d expect that to pay 1 in 11…I’m not going to even go into rebuys here…

Tier’d MTT - Basically I think the school of thought all depends on how many ppl possible you are aim’n to push into the next tier. Lets say you are running a daily MTT and are hoping to get 200 ppl into it…Then you go every 2 hrs a sattalite ( so 12 per day ) then you pay out a fix’d number say 18 ( top 2-3 tables 6/9 )… Since mult tickets are meaningless, once you punch your ticket in, you won’t prolly play xtra of these… in that case, its not dependant of entry fees, its all about how many ppl replay wants in the next MTT and a format that gets as many different ppl in as possible.

Warlock mentioned chip inflation, and thats a whole different topic…

is sassy sarah a bot or is there really someone typing those big walls of misspelled text?

thanks Fizzy for checking this out, it would be cool to have some new players in the big MTTs.

[quote=“im_a_dog, post:7, topic:6408”]
is sassy sarah a bot
[/quote]Dog… you’ve played against me on the tables… I am no :robot:
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perhaps you are a very advanced bot, wait… we have a terminator on the site, heeeeeelp :stuck_out_tongue:

it would also be cool to have 50k+ rebuy tourneys

  1. more in the prize pool since these tourneys only get 50-60 people max
  2. another shot would be great for good players who catch a bad beat and don’t have all day to play multiple tourneys
  3. most 50k+ tourney players are tight in early levels and rebuy/addons would make the game looser

Discussed this today. We’ll be adding a 50k satellite in the timeframe you mentioned. We’d like to offer larger tickets as well, but we need to adjust our satellite tournament capabilities first.

This is exactly what we’re aiming to do. One of the major things we need to adjust is a pay out of tickets based on the number of participants in order to a) ensure the tournaments are desirable when there are many entrants and b) ensure we don’t ramp up chip inflation when there are too few entrants.

I just replied to @yiazmat in another thread, but this is one of the things we’ll be considering when we release more higher-stakes tourneys as well.


this is awesome, thanks!!

All great to hear Fizzy. Thanks!

1 more question (sorry) - any thoughts on length of late registration for these things? 15 minutes seems like a lot of time. (Edited to add - talking only about the satellites, not the MTT’s themselves)

1 more thought (really sorry) - I think Sarah mentioned having MTT specific satellites instead of for tickets that can be used on any game of similar buy-in. WPT used to have these for their 2 larger tournaments (10K and 100K entry respectively) that ran on the weekends. All week long there were satellites so by the time the tournaments went off, there were 250+ in the 10K and at least 150+ in the 100K. Made for some fun games that were probably a whole lot deeper than they normally would have been. Maybe something like this could be implemented here to increase participation in some 250K and up games that would run weekly?

the later the registration, the bigger the prize pools. the better players generally register earlier anyway, so it makes the tourney easier to beat if there’s late reg.

cash sites often have late reg in MTTs until level 10-12 which serves to get more short-stacked players in there and make the prize pools way larger.

it might benefit existing players of the 50k+ MTTs to enable late reg for longer than 15 mins. shortening late registration would be a huge mistake. with 8 minute levels, late reg could go 40 mins to get people in the door by level 5.

dog - I agree totally on the MTT’s. I was talking only about the satellites. These are short-format games to begin with so the late registration period seems long to me. I’ve seen satellites where people are being eliminated in positions where they qualify for a ticket and the registration period isn’t even over yet (granted this is for the lowest one).

Sorry for the confusion - I’ll go edit the earlier post now to make that clear.

sorry, misread it, i agree on satellites, but wanted to throw out that even later registration for existing MTTs would be great!

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Hey Dog,
While am in favor of L.R., extending it is a bad idea…there are already short stack specialists that live off LR and use it as a conduit for t-pts. Since this is on Sattelites, I’ll save that for its own topic tho…

L.R. change the play and player extending it no , it would create more coco
nuts when re buy ends people with 7 2 dont go all in and dont last long