Santa's Ticket Hunt

On the last day of the promotion, there are missing MTTs. On a sunday, when the most ppl can play, thats the day someone in error just eliminated the same MTTs we been playing all week.

my suggestion is don’t do this to your players that have been fighting all week for the leaderboard, on the last day, on a sunday.



Hi, my sincerest apologies for this. Some of the templates were incorrectly set (by me) to end a day earlier. Two Santa Ticket Hunt tournaments were missed,

  • 03:45 Santa’s 100K Ticket Hunt Freeroll
  • 04:45 Santas Ticket Hunt Satellite to 50K MTT

All the Ticket Hunt tournaments are now showing in the Lobby


Thanks for fixing…
That latenight swing was awesome all week.
My timezone its 1130p-ish 1230a-ish 130a-ish 230a-ish,
perfect for latenight players like me.