Same Replay, New Look: Feedback on our new design

Maybe the “ new fix” and site wide shutdown tomorrow will be the cure all.

Stay positive.


Maybe the “ new fix” and site wide shutdown tomorrow will be the cure all.
Stay positive.
oh are they , shutting it down tomorrow? Hope you are right about the cure all. :heart_hands: :crossed_fingers:

izzymintOperations Manager


Hello, everyone!

Tomorrow, we’ll be conducting maintenance that will bring the site offline. This will occur at 4am EDT and the expected downtime will be 1-2 hours.

Please note the following cancelations:

  • MTTs: 2 hours ahead
  • SnGs: 1 hour ahead
  • Rings: 5 minutes ahead

Thanks for your patience while we make an important migration that will improve site performance.

Thanks Craig I found it.

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Hi. At least for me it would be great if you change the way you open a table form lobby, from new browser window into new browser tab, exactly the way I can check a player profile during play time.
Thank you into taking in consideration.

Fingerprint login would be fantastic

You can use right mouse button to open a table and can then open how you want.



Facial recognition would be cool

The button “REMOVE FRIEND” is on New Look much too big and on wrong place, in mid of all on my screen.

German version:

Last weeks i got 2x the message “you have a new friend”. It was friends of me, they had clicked the wrong button, the remove friend button.

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Personally I really don’t like the colors of the new interface; the interface feels way too dark. I found the colors before to be much more warm and comfortable, and even easier to look at. A lot of the text looks way too big as welll; in my opinion it looks horrible and tacky. I have to zoom out to 90% or 80% just to make it look more reasonable.

Why not give users the option to choose different color schemes and text sizes?

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Because they don’t work that way unfortunately. Hardly anybody approves of this horrible new design, but they don’t listen and haven’t reverted back to the previous design despite hundreds of us objecting strongly towards it. Unfortunately they just expect everybody to like it, but the simple fact is it’s not functional or pleasing to the eye in any way, yet they do not understand that.


At this point, design, although I agree, difficult to maneuver, I just want the tables to quit freezing & chat restored timely, please.


They finally fixed the chip number on the main site screen. Finally, just how it used to be, thank you finally.


That’s how it should always look like, none of this M nonsense.



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All much smaller now.
New Look V 2.0.


We made an update this morning based on many of the posts in this thread. Thanks to those of you who left specific suggestions – those types of actionable comments help us make change. It’s a work in progress, so keep the constructive feedback coming. :slight_smile:


Found Community Forums, it’s been moved to bottom of page and to left hand side, not right hand side. Do not like. The chip total is back to letting you know actual count, not say 3.4 million so I like that.

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Thanks for making the text smaller; it looks a lot better. Would love if there was an option to revert back to the old color scheme.



I noticed that when you Zoom screen size to 150% the header shows

But when you Zoom the screen size to 125% the header shows

I also prefer to see the Promotions and Community in the Header, JMO.

You still need to zoom it out to 80% or 90% to make everything appear “normal”. They did somewhat of a good job fixing the stupid large cartoon fonts, but I still much much prefer the previous layout. But at the moment it’s at least a bit more tolerable than before.