Same old same old cards

It never fails to amaze me when playing a MTT Play the High Blinds tourney that some player always goes all in with ridiculous cards and wins??? I had A-10 of clubs on very first hand, another player goes all in so I call him/her and of course they win with a pair of 2s…So where is the honesty of this poker site? Cmon, this is a joke my odds were 500,00 to 1 to win the hand but NO the website decided to pick his/her seat to win? What a joke…

Use odds calculator. Then you will not say something like that again.

at 9 seated room, 17.78% your chance.
At 6 seated 25.35%

If the 22 with a heads up pre-flop ( say not club, better odds for you)

So, nothing wrong there.
While when is any stake, aka money, not much pp would call with 22, but with free playchips, do not suprise…

I don’t see your logic here, why calling with such a weak hand on the very first hand? Plus 22 has roughly the same equity as ATs and more equity than ATo (basically it’s a 50/50+ for him if it’s offsuited and 50/50- if it’s suited)

Where’s your honesty? 500,00 to 1? Joke’s on you.

No way would I go all in with an A 10 on the first hand. Not with replay chips, not with real chips.

I enjoy reading all the weird musings on which ppl expound on this site. Surely if you play poker very much, you should realize Replay Poker is one of rhe best sites on the web… honesty?? all in with nothing??? these are not worthy of a diatribe. Oh well - takes all kinds, I guesd.


Ace-Ten suited is just about 50-50 to beat pocket deuces, depending on whether either of the deuces is in suit with your Ace-Ten.

Your mistake was in calling all-in on the first hand of a tournament. Most thinking pros would FOLD in that position.

Think about it–you risk losing your tournament buy-in on the very first hand to double. There is an old saying–You can not win the tournament on the first hand, but you surely can lose it.

All I know is I play live holdum in tournys, and never saw so many flush’s, straights ect as I do on this site, he flops are unreal, but going all in with A-10, not to sure.

Because you play more hands here. The sites not rigged

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First five cards I have an Ace high flush and of course they set me up to lose to a full house…Still a ripoff.

Not true, I play in holdum games that deal many many times, and that’s live.

Yeah, they must keen to get back that free chips soo badly. Also, as the galaxy spinning around you, they watch you, even when you sleep.

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I can’t understand what your saying, I play this for fun.

So because I play tourny’s live for $ I should not play free online holdum and express myself on what I think--------maybe cause your a high roller u think you know all about this.

Dear @tenreps69 , my comment not for you, but reply to “thenam” , see the right upper corner of my comment.

OK , sorry thought u your talking to.

Dont be. Actually RP could make this more obvious. @gatzby please make a ticket :slight_smile:

i think on the real tables they call that a bad beat…or a suck out if you choose the vulgar phrase. i’ve lost many times to much weaker hands…and won on the river with a big suck out…happens on both sides of the fence. i think both skill and luck…and luck, are required in order to come out on top of a big field…just my two cents

Exactly what I’ve been saying.

This site is the same as any other site trying to make money. Yes,the chips are free but they try to get you to buy chips by doing the same ol things they all do. Heck, from what I’ve seen it’s all the same program, they will;

  1. Let you win for a little while and then take all your chips
  2. For the most part always let the person who plays more than you and/or spent money on the site win late in the game with a miracle river.
  3. Let a lot of hands win with the aforementioned miracle river. This is designed to excite the person winning or madden the loser to the point of giving them money at some point.
  4. This is why you always lose on the river.

These programs are the same ones used by the initial illegal real money sites where some people hacked in and could see the cards. I have no doubt that happens here. There is no way in live poker that you lose so much every day all the time on the river especially to someone who is “ranked” higher than you. I have been playing my whole life it does not happen, in fact, poker most of the time is incredibly boring which is why programmers have written code for it always be “exciting”. Remember programmers + money always equals more money for the programmers. Enjoy the poker as I do, just remember this is NOWHERE near real cards.


The huge scandal for an online poker site was a Ponzi scheme not a “god mode” style of site. Though it obviously exists it’s not profitable enough to take the risk (even less on a play money site).

Hello All. Does anyone else have sessions such as the following? 2 of 60, 5 of 115, 3 of 100. Do you “win” 90% of the hands you fold preflop? Do you get " setup " hands that you can’t fold all of the time such as four to the flush on deal and flop, or two pair,or four to the straight pre turn? How about getting ace suited and the flop always drops a different suit? Do you notice that a pair flopped means there are pairs all around the table? How about tossing ugly cards such as jack deuce or 10 5, only to see a boat emerge? If you play the cards you get nada. One seat gets everything they can’t lose and everyone else is fodder. When do you fold a boat or flush or straight?

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