RWG 2022 #2 - Ski Jumping can't find

Anyone know how to register for these games? Not showing up anywhere for me, only day #3 shows up. thanks. Tuesday 15th RWG not showing on my tournament page at all

Ring games omaha hi/lo

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its not sorry. it is a tourney not a ring game. thanks anyway

The wonderful opening ceremony is over and the competition begins to heat up at the Replay Winter Games.

This event is a classic, Ski Jumping! Will you soar to the top? Will you crash out? Can you take home the Gold for your country?

For this event, you will be competing in a Low Stakes, 6 Max, No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Ring Game contest on Tuesday, February 15th. Check back on this page to see the leaderboard.

In order to win your medal, earn as many Ring Game Points as you can during the day! The top 50 highest scoring players will earn a share of 1,000,000 chips and medals!


[Granola i really appreciate you answering me, thanks. I have already played in the RWG. I got 2nd place yesterday but todays competition’s just don’t show up for me. Tomorrows does but not todays. thanks

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Hi, RWG Day 2 is a Ring game Leaderboard, using the low stake 6 max Omaha Hi/Lo tables, like Abandon Ship, Spanish Main and Man-o-War amongst others

You should visit your Ring game Lobby to see them,