Running out of ideas

i have not been able to get on tables it is either a black screen, or stuck on loading i have tryed lots and nothing is working or lostinternet connection when im on the internet what next

Did you try diff browser? like chrome, firefox. try update “adobe acrobat flash player” report back


i am on chrome flashplayer wont load because chrome updates the flash player any more ideas thanks

Hi sherryl

I saw you played. All is working as it should be again?

finally i think did get to play last night not sure what i did but it worked lol thanks for a fun game take care

ok happiness im back. it isnt working today again freezes on loading lost connection chrome updates flash player i have had this problem awhile so now i need another favor i am origally sherry2009 but was unable to play so i thought my account was taken away opened up new under sherryl2009 got to play for a day or two and started having problems again i love playing but lots of troubles can you help and put my accounts together???

Putting your accounts together is not the problem. You can send a message to the staff using the ? in the header, explain what happened and they can help you with this.

But first you have to resolve your connection problem. Is your browser up to date? You have the newest version? Or download another browser (Firefox), maybe that works better with your current software. What speed is your internet connection? That can be the problem also. You can use for this

yes its google crome- tryed to download firefox and my security said it was not safe my internet speed is 702?? viastat sadilite wireless ok there you go now what lol i think i have been everywhere any more ideas thanks

Last one i know. Check Java on updates. I get them automatically, but my computer search only once a week. And i checked it today and there was an update. I checked Java because i got messages about pages not reacting, As far as i can see i needed that update.

well here it is i got to play last night just fine my java was updated soooo i try it this morning and back to table wont load thanks happiness for your help any more clues i will take them

I’m sorry:( I’m out of ideas also. It is not your account and when your software is up to date it must be your connection . I hope other members (or someone from your environment) have ideas to make it stronger or has an idea to resolve your problem.

My suggestions ,


2.Disk Defragmenter

3.Disk Cleanup

4.Remove all cookies

5.Run a computer scan of whole computer.

I use mozilla firefox ,never had any problems…Getfirefox. Com

Close programs in the Pc, stop any flash based page in browser, like watch movies online or youtube.

Sherryl2009, if the the table just won’t load, ie. it’s stuck. Then it’s likely the issue with your internet connection. The next time you run into the problem head over here: and test your upload and download speeds- I suggest you try it 3 times to get a good idea of how it’s performing, then post the results here. If your internet is running slow then it might prevent you from playing. =(

Thanks Paul and all for ur help, my internet is to slow results: 719 ping 48 download and 16 upload by the way my son got a tablet and i think he used it all lol will check with services btw could u put my accounts together i am sherry2009 but when this problem started i opened an account under sherryl2009 just wondering well i will contiue to try to play your game its my favorite and put my internet under lock and key lol Thanks all

Ping is slow. Mine 14ms. should be under 70ms. The speed (48/16) is in Mbps ? right?

yep it is

So 48Mbps download and 16Mbps is fast, but 719ms ping is really slow. I’d check to make sure your son isn’t using all the bandwidth either by watching videos or downloading large files, particularly torrent files which can max out an internet connection. If you are on wifi, then switch to wired by using something like powerlines.

As for the two accounts, we have no way to merge them, so your best off deactivating one and sticking with the other. Certainly the second account would not have made any difference to the problems you had as it’s not related to your account.

+1 on Paul. and you can ask your internet provider , or may your naigbor use your internet. Disable wireless first , lil help. For thet up/down speed, the slow ping is strange. Ping is similar description like a gear shift in your car. :slight_smile: so, it is important to get it faster as possible. oh, you can compare your speedtest results with others there, you can see others ping time. ATB

thanks everyone for your help i guess i will play when i can that will be after stopping my sons videos lol