RTC Update and Resolution

Hey guys,

Thank you for your patience whilst we reviewed the situation.

The RTC Semi-Finals last Saturday had a small setup issue, where the prizes were not quite set correctly. This meant that our new dynamic payout system kicked in, as the tournament thought that every player was due an equal share of the prizepool, and so ended the tournament after one hand.

This is ultimately on me, I am the one who was not able to check the fail safe and going forward we are putting measures in place to ensure this does not happen again, so for those involved, a personal apology from me, I am sorry.

Moving forwards, we have reviewed the options and the feedback from pms and the forum and we feel the only fair resolution is to replay the Semi-Final next week (July 17th), and the Grand Final the following week (July 24th).

We realise this might not be the best solution for everyone, but we recognise it’s the best solution for the majority and seems the fairest.

We have set up the tournaments and will be registering everyone by tomorrow. As a way of an apology, we will be crediting every player still in the event, with 50,000 chips.

We hope that this is an amicable resolution and we hope that this disruption does not take away from the fun and exciting atmosphere that this event has been generating.

Take care and good luck at the tables,



Well done :+1:t2: