RTC - Team List

The Replay Team Championship Kicks off in around twenty-four hours, but there is still time to get involved!

Without further ado, here are the teams (in no particular order).

42 Teams so far.

Team Name A (Captain) B C
Fire In The Hole marklou crum1850 will_Lira
The Untouchables grapevine johno59 tiandra
luckyaces angelbabyblue cas ironsides
Bet-itude Wivy DeeSade Cyman
Two Roses and One Lucky Guy Mystrygirl Barterminea Thumbs
Happy Bears Redcloud203 Limbofish timnicebutdim
KC & Dude’s Dad DudeItsDad Tomkat287 Mainecats
CyRoKe Mookie01 Cyn51 RockStone
DQW Dbldppr1250 TheQueen109 codyswifey
Dude and the Dudettes sharonsmarty JanCee Coastindude
Triple Barrel Bluff RandolphR ChicagoSerbs SilentOutlaw
Lady and the Tramps Goatsoup Tiggy ClintEastwood
Whamos Netter1 Tamo734 Gramma3434
DonkSlayerz protech09 Dknoidkid pfultz777
Team Poker Disclosure League GrandyB CatchDRiver fransuah
Lea’s J Bros jessieggg Johnwsal Bearlea50
South African Aces Matthew Shana-V Shil0h
Mismatched newmrchib sugarfoot414 heyortin
Ace of Spades BipolarBearAH Wolfie98290 xrogerthatx
All in team Ionelsc LadyCon vnvnvn
ATeam NolaBruce chuckcox crosby63
RAMPAGE C1ueless Kcorbee lbnitehawk
The Breakfast Club Matchstk Sassy_Sarah bahia7
The Replay Professionals Shakeraise chasetheriver GoldenDonkey
Empire Starkiller Stephstars Medvin
Le Trio Infernal NotTheOne miri123 lehigh133
Kowboy Killerz Spanman1 rdwilson27 ohiobuckeye
Dream Team Happy 1958 AbnerMalady Howie_Long
Radagast RattlerCat1 chips_ahoy FluffyButt
River Kings Xit GoldenGoose8 JK123456
Ur life pal ura33 Sikopal Lifesong
Red_Right_Hand MT_Trapper_26 timbershot SPEYER_48
Dusters Duster58 morcosborcos tazzie
3 over pair aaron57 susan7 linislost
Super Losers RastaPutin doinchey vik1ing
Ralphies Crew thomas4126 1texaslea hunter1111
Payton Players SilverChief Checkmqte ziggysmalls
Lost On Da River C2b4bid RavenL allsfair
Big Slick Problems OneCalledSyn LomoSaltado Pendant2
UNL Poker Club AlecRome Husker185 MKFGaming
Molon Labe SunPowerGuru RoyalDab ProduceGuy007
Losing Makes Cents Good4Nothing Dgourlie Moeron

Best of luck!



Everyone on this list has been registered for the first event! Please do not try to register yourself, as it may end up canceling your entry instead.

We’ll be double-checking everything again tomorrow, but again, all players are registered for the first tournament and no further action is needed. Best of luck!


Our first 15 team profiles have been posted on the blog! You can read about them here.

We have two more posts to come, which will highlight the rest of the teams, on Monday and Tuesday. If your team doesn’t have a description, it’s because I didn’t hear back from the team captain. You can still get in touch and I’d be happy to add it to the post later. :slight_smile:

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Part two in our series of team profiles is now live! Check it out right here. One more to go!


The final teams have been profiled! If your team doesn’t have a description, your captain just needs to answer my PM with questions. I’ll be able to update posts later this week if any write in. Thanks for taking the time to answer these, and good luck in week 2!