RPOS Question

I see these tournaments that give you tickets to the League of Legends thingies. They say they are tickets to a 15K tourney. Are the Leahue of Legends tournies “tickets only” or can I just pay the 15k to enter?


RPOS VI events accept tickets and chips. For some reason they were only accepting chips before today, but confirmed they now accept both.


Tickets AND chips? Or tickets OR chips?

I’m specifically asking about the tournaments that start on the 24th. I don’t want to play the freerolls or 2k events to get a ticket if I can just pay the 15k to enter the tournaments starting on the 24th.

Rhanks Rob.

Both, either / or.

If you have a 15,000 Ticket the RPOS events will accept it and if you have 15,000 chips, that will do too, but not a combination.

In my Time zone they start on the 23rd. I hope we are talking about the same thingies.


Yes,. we are talking about the same thing.

Thanls, that cleared it up.