RPOS Issue Game #25

there was an outage that had a huge impact on this competition.

1 - we could not play for at least 14 hands

2- On my table only one person could be in every hand at all times you could see on 2 hands another person could join form the 14 hands - the player who was able to play every hand collected all the blinds… I can post all the links to the hands but don’t think is required - please shout if you would like to see this

3 - this is my only hands so others will may have other issues - out of all of the outages I would have been all in on 2 of the hands and win - 1 hand I would have called and 1 hand my big blind I could not even check and the player who was the only player at the time was winning my big blind without me seeing the flop - I was unable to be in 4/14 hands which I would have gained winning position

in the past Issue with RTC = it was cancelled and new date set
in the past issue with Beat the staff = it was cancelled
Both of the above no points or knockouts was awarded = Null and Void

so based on the above decisions - this MTT #25 should be cancelled and not points awarded or places and payouts given - for fairness to all players

If not then please review all my hands during my outage and multiply by all players that hands like mine and their will be many

@fizzymint @GoldenDonkey please can you let us know your decision