RPO VII 20K entry

Just wondering ,there is only 2 games a day . The first one 23h45 the next one at 04h15 in the morning .That is GMT .It means 19h45 and 22h15 ET a little bit unfair to us
and nice in the USA.

Hey Cas

There are three games per day for the 20K buyin League of Legends. 10:30 ET, 16:30 ET and 22:30 ET.



There’s :
(6) 20k Sattalites
(1) 100k Sattalite
(1) 250k Sattalite
(6) Freeroll Sattalites … per day

I can’t link directly to the Sattalites Page in Promotions.
All times and buyins… are fully listed there…

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As far as I can see cas is right, there’s only 1 satellite to 100k and 1 satellite to 250k per day (20k/ticket buy-ins), at 3:30am and 10:45pm UK time which might not really be doable for most European players unless they have the next day off :sunglasses:

The 10:30ET you mentioned doesn’t seem to be in my list but it’s also not listed on the satellite fever page.

Ah that’s my mistake cas, sorry. I thought that you meant the RPOS events themselves.

You are correct. We will discuss this internally.




My mistake too, I see now you meant 20k buyin … not … sattalite into a 20k.
Because the stucture of the promotion is not… to only sattalite into events, its not necessary for there to be a gillion sattalites, but… a few more woulda been nice.

The 250k one I always miss cause its too early for most USA players, same goes for most of the High Roller events themselves… There are big gaps sometimes while waiting for the sattalites. I wish they just ran more regularly thru the day.

Currently there’s 14 sattalites, if there was just 10 more… then the freerolls (12) could run every 2 hrs, the 2.5k ones (8) every 3 hrs, and the HR ones (4) every 6 hrs. @least that way there’d be two each of the 100k & 250k variety, evenly spaced out.

The kewl part is that a sattalite would run each hour, allowing the most diverse playerbase possible … to earn thier way into RPOS.


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Thank you, My apology , Missed the 10h30 game.